Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Auto ON & Off Bulbs wi...

Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Auto ON & Off Bulbs wi...

Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Auto ON & Off Bulbs with 3/9/12H Timer, 8 Dimmable Lightness Clip-On Desk Led Plant Growing Lamps (with AC Adapter).

Why Choose Our Grow Light?

1. The Most Top Lighting Solution for Commercial Growers and Home Hobbyists
We truly offer a full spectrum contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, Can promote the growth of the leaves and rhizome, protein synthesis, blossom and bearing fruit.

2. Automatically Take Care of Your Plants Without Switching It Every Day
The timer has a circular memory that once you set it at a certain time, it turns itself with the same setting on the next day as long as it's connected to a source of electricity.

3. Larger Illumination Area
120°beam angle Equipped with rotatable bulbs and flexible gooseneck, which enlarge the area of the effective lighting.

4. Dimmable lightness and Divide Control Switch
You can adjust it according to the plants light needs and growing season.

5. LED Chips with No Luminous Decay for 18 Month
The shell of bulbs was made of the best thermal conductive material. And the fin-shaped heatsink design increases the heat dissipation area which can prolong the life of the grow light.

6. Professional Service 12 months money back guarantee.
We are not only the seller but also a professional manufacturer with strong R&D team as support. Any question, please contact us, We are always here.

It is advisable to maintain a distance of 4 to 8 inch between the light and the plant.

Material: PVC & Aluminium
LED chip quantity: 60 Growing Light Bulbs (Red and 21 Blue)
Effective Power: 30 watts
Certification: RoHS, CE, FCC, and UL
Life time usage: 50000 hours
Package Include: Grow Light*1, UL Certified Adapter
  • 60 Full Spectrum LEDs and 8 Dimmable Lightness: 3 lights options (Blue/ Blue & Red/ Red) and 8 dimmable lightness meet photosynthesis needs of plants germination, bloom, and fruit-bearing at different stages and seasons.
  • Circular-Memory Timer: The light will turn on and turn off automatically at the same time every day for 3/9/12 hours (3 timing options).It will help you to turn on it when you're busy or outdoor. Set up once and it will turn on and off automatically every day!
  • Larger Illumination Area: 120° beam angle 3 heads lamps, equipped with flexible gooseneck and rotatable bulbs. Bulbs can achieve 360° lighting. Also, we can adjust the number of working lamps (1-3) to adapt to different stages of plant growth.
  • Strong and Stable: Compared to other grow lights, Our metal gooseneck is strong enough to hold the lamp up well.Because it uses enough metallic materials.Our clip is stable thanks to anti-slip mat design.
  • High-Efficiency Adapter:This high-power adapter can prevent short circuits of our plant light, the flicker of the light strip and heating of the adapter.Our plant growth lamps are tested for a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Committed to a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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