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Fantech Boost Kit DBF110

Fantech Plastic Dryer Booster Kit w/Pressure Switch DBF-110. Thermoplastic housing, pressure switch ..


Fantech FR140 6" Duct Fan

Fantech FR 125 In-line Ventilation Fan has airtight thermoplastic housing. 120 CFM, 5" Duct...


Fantech Lint Trap - DBLT4

It is generally not necessary to boost clothes dryer exhaust with an in-line fan when the duct run i..


Fntch Sngl Pt PB110 - V

Fantech Single Point Interior In-Line Bath Fans (only) PB110-V provides 110 CFM, 4" Duct. Perfect fo..


Fntch Sngl Pt PB190 - V 6" Du

Fantech Single Point Interior In-Line Bath Fans (only) PB190-V provides 190 CFM, 6" Duct. Perfect fo..

PBV4 7 Out Of Stock

PBV4 7" Ceiling Grille

Fantech PBV4 - PBV4 7" Expansion Ceiling Grille Housing, Uses 4" Duct. The PBV Ceiling grille and ho..


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