FAMI HELPER 100ft/30M Garden Irrigation Kit - DIY Plant Watering D...

-15% FAMI HELPER 100ft/30M Garden Irrigation Kit - DIY Plant Watering D...

FAMI HELPER 100ft/30M Garden Irrigation Kit - DIY Plant Watering Drip Sprinkler System with 2-Way Hose Splitter, 1/4" Tubing Hose, 45Pcs Adjustable Emitters for Greenhouse

Garden irrigation system saves time and water.

It is important to irrigate a garden regularly and consistently. This requires discipline and costs time. That's why many people use drip irrigation kit.

This has some clear advantages:
1. Suitable for Greenhouse / Family / Field Irrigation.
2. This drip irrigation system can save up to 70% of the water compared to the traditional irrigation system.
3. Twist the Adjustable Dropper's Red Cap into A Sprinkler, Drip-like, Closed Shape. Meet Your Needs.
4. An irrigation system gives you better control of the moisture content of your soil, but if you supply more water than the soil can absorb, runoff is the result.
5. Less evaporation, since there is irrigation before sunrise.

Generally, the garden is in a better condition by careful irrigation.

Little Tips:
1. Pressure requirements: 25-45 PSI, it's better that use a motor to increase your rain barrel's pressure than gravity.
2. We suggest you can put the connected hose head into hot water for 8-12 seconds before assembling if it is too tight or hard to use.

Package Include
1x - 2-way Hose Splitter
1x - Faucet Connector
1x - 1/2"& 3/4" Quick Socket 
2x - 1/4" tubing quick connector
2x - 1/4" 49ft /15m Hose
1x - Teflon Tape
1x - Punch
5x - 8 Holes Dripper Stake
25x - C- Shape Support Stake
5x - Dripper Emitters
20x - Orange Atomizing Nozzle
10x - Barbed Coupling 
30x - Barbed Tee
20x - Tee Pipe Connector 
20x - End Closure 
1x - Instruction "

  • 50ft + 50ft Tubing Hose Water : all your plants at one time with 15M+15M irrigation tubing which made from high quality and UV resistant ABS plastic materials. This garden irrigation kits can withstand abuse from sunlight and harsh weather, guaranteeing repeated use for years.
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Installing this drip irrigation kit is easy. Adjustable drippers with detailed user manual with picture realizes simplify insertion.
  • 2-WAY HOSE SPLITTER irrigation systems operate with 2-way Hose Splitter that branches to 2 zones. The zones should be determined based on the required water capacity, location, and type of vegetation.
  • USED FOR RAIN BARREL : it is not just about 100% saving water but about storing up a reserve of rainwater ( without chlorine - much better suited for nutrient uptake by plants and better for the soil ) for irrigation as well.
  • --- 90-day unconditional guarantee so you can use now with confidence.---
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