GoldenCosmos Butterfly Massager XFT-1002

GoldenCosmos Butterfly Massager XFT-1002

Butterfly Massager (Body Building Pad)

The innovative electronic exercise system is a high-tech electronic product, specifically designed to support body toning, athletic enhancement and body building. It allows people like you to enjoy your routine exercise comfortably at home. It can make your flaccid muscle stronger by a simple way of relaxing electronic impulse to simulate your muscle, so as to get a vigorous and graceful figure. It's safe, convenient and noiseless. Also it is small in volume, light in whatever you are reading the carrying. You can use it whenever you are reading books, watching TV or having a rest, it won't affect your work or study. Because of its remarkable affect in body building and weigh reduction, it would be your ideal exercise appliance.


  • Size:13cm x 8cm

Item No XFT-1002

  • Voted: 7851
  • Brand: Golden Cosmos
  • Product Code: XFT-1002
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