Elcoho 12 Pieces Sanding Sponge Coarse Medium Fine Superfine 4 Dif...

Elcoho 12 Pieces Sanding Sponge Coarse Medium Fine Superfine 4 Dif...

Elcoho 12 Pieces Sanding Sponge Coarse Medium Fine Superfine 4 Different Specifications Assortment Sanding Blocks, Washable and Reusable Sand Sponge Kit (Assortment Grade)

Material: aluminium oxide and sponge
Size: 100 x 70 x 25 mm / 3.94 x 2.76 x 0.98 inches
Grade: coarse (grade 60 to 80), medium (grade 120 to 180), fine (grade 240 to 320), and superfine (grade 400 to 500)
Quantity: each grade of sanding blocks has 3 packs, total 12 pieces

Package includes:
3 x Coarse sanding sponges
3 x Medium sanding sponges
3 x Fine sanding sponges
3 x Superfine sanding sponges

Warm note:
Please allow slight difference on size due to manual measurement.
There is no grit mark on the sponge sand, you can distinguish it by observing the difference in the surface. The rough surface has a smaller grade.
  • Package includes: 12 pieces of sanding sponges of 4 grades in a pack, including coarse (grade 60 to 80), medium (grade 120 to 180), fine (240 to 320) and superfine (grade 400 to 500); the smaller the number, the coarser the granularity, the higher the efficiency of polishing effect, but the rough the grinding effect is, while the larger number does the opposite; suggest to use according to article characteristics and burnish requirements
  • Material and size: made from high density sponges and special tiny alumina emery, washable and reusable; each piece of sanding sponge is 100 x 70 x 25mm/3.94 x 2.76 x 0.98 inches; note, sponge of different grade weigh differently
  • Fine workmanship: its 4 surfaces covered with fine tiny alumina emery, which is durable and reusable; it has high-density durable sponge inside, solid and no easy to break, also resistant to water, wear, acid and alkali
  • Usage and preservation: nice for both wet and dry use, can be used directly or wet on the surface of the object for polishing, the sponge has a nice cleaning and polishing effect; can be tailored to fit the size of the shape to use thus prevent waste; please extrude the water after use, and put it in ventilated and dry place to prolong its service life
  • Nice polishing tool: suitable for kitchen appliance cleaning, woodworking furniture polishing, metal derusting polishing and amber polishing, the sponge adheres fitly and works nicely on flat and irregular surfaces; note, do not use on high-grade nonstick boiler coating surface to prevent damage
  • Voted: 240
  • Brand: Elcoho
  • Product Code: 725756613037
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