Easy@Home Ovulation Test Kit: 50 Ovulation Strips & 20 Early Pregn...

Easy@Home Ovulation Test Kit: 50 Ovulation Strips & 20 Early Pregn...

Easy@Home Ovulation Test Kit: 50 Ovulation Strips & 20 Early Pregnancy Tests & One Basal Body Thermometer & 70 Urine Cups

  • ???? Easy@Home ovulation predictor kit makes trying to conceive(TTC) much easier by helping you get pregnant easily and naturally. This combo includes 50 ovulation test, 20 pregnancy tests, one digital basal thermometer & 70 urine cups for early detection. 4 reliable solutions within one kit, see the bigger picture in your TTC journey with the kit.
  • ???? LH Tests Detect Fertility & Cycle Irregularities: Easy@Home ovulation test strips give women trying to conceive a greater chance of tracking their LH & hCG hormone levels and predicting their most fertile days, even if their cycle lengths vary. Together use with the Easy@Home basal temperature for ovulation, you can pinpoint your fertile window more easily and accurately by both predicting (LH strips) and confirming (basal thermometer).
  • ???? Accurate and Highly Sensitive: Easy@Home pregnancy tests are highly accurate at detecting pregnancy starting from the day of your missed period. Get quick and reliable results. The ideal sensitivity level allows you to test early and confidently.
  • ???? Quick and Sensitive BBT: Easy@Home basal thermometer has high sensitivity to 1/100th degree. It only takes about 60 seconds for result. Easily recall your last measured temperature in memory. Choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Note: When "℉" or "℃" starts flashing with Lo on display, Easy@Home basal thermometer is then ready for use. This does not mean the battery low.
  • ???? Experienced and Professional Customer Service: Our team is available to assist with any questions and ensure you are satisfied with your results.
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