Droll Yankees ASK Accessory Starter Kit

Droll Yankees ASK Accessory Starter Kit
Keep it full. Keep it clean. Keep it safe. Accessory Starter Kit contains 15-inch Cleaning brush, Locking Chain and Seed Scoop. Brush: Synthetic bristles. Seed Scoop: Large 2-pound capacity. Textured, translucent blue - seed is visible. Flat bottom = No spillage. Fills most feeders with just one scoopful. Also use for ice-melt, dog food, animal grain. Dimensions: 15 by 5 by 7. Construction: Textured plastic. Locking Chain: It's your most economical insurance policy. Stays dependably in place - jumping squirrels can't knock feeders down. Great for securing your bird feeder, plant, chime or garden art. Snap closure slides through loop to lock feeder. Locking Chain with snap close lock on 18-inch jack chain. Rust resistant plated steel. Dimensions: 1 by 1 by 18. Mounting: Loop and lock chain. Construction: Rust resistant plated steel.
  • Keep it full. keep it clean. keep it safe.
  • Accessory starter kit contains 15-inch cleaning brush, locking chain and seed scoop
  • Seed scoop: large 2-pound capacity. textured, translucent blue - seed is visible
  • Locking Chain: stays dependably in place - jumping squirrels can't knock feeders down
  • 15-inch cleaning brush with synthetic bristles
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