Rootech Cloning Gel 4 oz

Rootech Cloning Gel 4 oz
Rootech Cloning Gel is a premium formulation of hormones, vitamins, and nutrients, ideal for promoting rapid, healthy root development for clones. A thick gel, Rootech adheres to the plant cutting throughout the rooting phase, sealing cut tissue immediately, and reducing the risk of infection. Rootech comes in a ready-to-use, wide-lid container, into which several cuttings can be dipped at the same time, without fear of tipping. Contains .55% Indole 3% Butyric Acid. Available in four sizes.
  • A concentrated liquid humic acid formulation
  • Rich humic lab results show 22 percent humic acid through the alkaline extraction method and 3 percent through the acid insoluble method
  • Acid insoluble method is used by the cdfa
  • For indoor and outdoor plants, soil and hydroponics
  • Available in 1-pint
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  • Brand: DL Wholesale
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