DewStop FS-325-A1 Adjustable Bathroom Fan Control and Light Switch...

DewStop FS-325-A1 Adjustable Bathroom Fan Control and Light Switch...
Picture never having to worry about the bath fan being left on all day, or worse, not being turned on at all. Without proper ventilation, humidity and condensation from showers will cause mold growth. Mold can cause a variety of respiratory ailments, as well as damage your bathroom. Dew Stop's sensors detect these problems before they start and run your fan for you. Imagine the peace of mind -knowing your bathroom will always be given the right amount of ventilation, every time. The Dew Stop adjustable condensation control with manual light switch can be used with any bath fan and is easy to install. Dew Stop uses QUE Technology, an ultra-moisture sensing adaptive technology, to sense the condensation in the room. A blue LED light indicates when the fan is turned on. The condensation sensors are adjustable to solve varying moisture problems. It also includes an adjustable timer for the bath fan control so you can choose how long your fan will run. Concealed adjustments provide tamper proof settings. The Dew Stop fan control is great for use in bathrooms, laundry rooms, sun rooms and spa rooms. Dew Stop fan controls are Made in the USA.
  • Adjustable condensation sensors turn bath fan on when condensation is present and off when dry
  • Includes manual light control switch
  • Moisture sensors prevent the growth of mold by triggering ventilation
  • Includes adjustable condensation sensor and adjustable fan timer
  • Blue LED light indicates with fan is on; can be used with any existing bath fan
  • Voted: 4283
  • Brand: DewStop
  • Product Code: FS-325-A1
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  • $90.99



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