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ORGANIC Hydroton Leca Expanded Clay Pebbles Grow Media - Orchids • Hydroponics • Aquaponics • Aquaculture - by Cz Garden Supply

Clay pebbles are made of 100% natural clay. pH-neutral, clean and at the same time, decorative. Potting media for Orchids - Used alone or in combination with coconut husk chips, bark, charcoal or other orchid media, porous structure can provide excellent aeration around the roots while its ability to act as a water reservoir will be appreciated by your orchids when water is needed. The size of the pebbles is perfect for medium to large Cattleyas and Laelias. Hydroponic/Hydroculture media - The capilliarity and the structure of the clay pebbles ensures good root aeration and prevents rotting, excess acidity and soil pests. Drainage - Compared to gravel, it is lighter and can act as a water reservoir. It can then release the water when its surroundings needed it. Decoration - With its red color and mostly round shape, It is often used as a decorative top-layer for indoor plants and outdoor gardens. As a top layer, it will also prevent the top soil from drying out quickly.
  • 2LBS of 100% natural expanded clay. Inert, pH-neutral, clean & decorative.
  • For Orchids - Hydroton's porous structure provides excellent aeration and acts as a water reservoir.
  • For Hydroponics - Ensures good root aeration and prevents rotting, excess acidity and soil pests.
  • Fills approximately: twenty-four 2" pots, or eight 3" pots, or two 5" pots.
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