Chengmu 2-10mm Clear White Rondelle Glass Beads for Jewelry Making...

Chengmu 2-10mm Clear White Rondelle Glass Beads for Jewelry Making...

Chengmu 2-10mm Clear White Rondelle Glass Beads for Jewelry Making AB Colour 710pcs Faceted Briolette Shape Crytal Spacer Beads Assortments Supplies for Bracelet Necklace with Elastic Cord Storage Box

Advantages: Nice beads for jewelry making. This is a collection of 5 sizes of beads, which saves a lot of expenses such as packaging, transportation, storage, etc. Therefore, the price of this is very cost-effective, you can save some. If there are comments that this transparent bead is like plastic or acrylic, don't worry, they are glass beads, transparent, shiny, you will get the same beads as the picture, we use this raw material in most of our factories. You can smash a bead or even use a fire to verify that it is glass. We have a suggestion, the brightness of crystal glass will be reduced by dust during the entire manufacturing, transportation and storage process, after you clean it with a soft rag or water, they will shine even more.

Regarding the fading problem of AB color:
These beads are white transparent, the factory uses electroplating technology to plate the color of the Half-AB onto the beads, and the color of these plating will gradually fade during the subsequent use. The reason is that it is oxidized or rubbed off. Depending on the method of use, the environment used, and the time of use, the fading of each bead is different. This is the common characteristic of all plating colors and AB colors. Swarovski beads will be much better, and their expensive prices will enable a more lasting effect. We believe Half-AB color is a little more beautiful than full AB, and the color is more vivid and concentrated. However, the half-AB color will be more obvious during the later fading process. This is its advantages and disadvantages, please choose carefully. We have some suggestions for use: when you are exercising and sweating a lot, or when you are using household detergents, please do not wear them for a long time, because the AB colour will be corroded by alkaline chemicals. And if the beads are exposed to the sun for a long time, or if the beads repeatedly rub against other hard objects, the color will be accelerated fading. Thank you.

  • Highlights: This new product can meet the multiple needs of your jewelry making at one time, from 2mm, 4mm, 6mm to 8mm and 10mm, the specifications that are often used are ready for you. White half AB beads are rarely available on the market. The important thing is that they are shiny, beautiful, you only need less cost to buy 5 specifications at a time, enough beads, to meet the needs of a variety of jewelry making. It's a good gift for you or your friends, nice beads, well packed.
  • Size,Qty: 2mm,300pcs; 4mm,200pcs; 6mm,100pcs; 8mm,65pcs; 10mm,45pcs; total 710pcs; Material: Rondelle crystal glass beads; Color: Crytal white, Half AB color. Kindly note: All AB colors plated on the beads will gradually fade after a period of use until they need to be replaced, which is unavoidable. This period is different, it is determined according to the different conditions of use of each bead. Please read the specific introduction on the details page.
  • Others: These glass beads are currently used in almost all of our factories. Among these beads, we choose beads of uniform shape and size, and pick out the beads with obvious trauma and serious damage as far as possible and throw away. All our pictures are taken by mobile phones, the main scenes are bright and clear outdoors, and the white transparent beads can't and don't need to be over-modified. So what we see is what we get, the beads you receive will be basically the same as the pictures.
  • Kindly note: Glass beads are fragile items that are transported many times before they are sent to you, so very few beads will have some problems such as abrasion, even a chip, the beads at this grade occasionally have these problems. When we pack, we will try to pick out, but we can't clear them all, the total number of beads is too much. In order to compensate for these possible problems, according to different sizes, we will add 1-6 beads. We also give a gift beads to you, different colors.
  • Service guarantee: Our products have been carefully inspected and packaged, the material of the outer packing is a bubble bag, we also give you about 3 meters long elastic rope. Friendship Tip: After receiving the glass beads, it is recommended to wipe them with a clean soft cloth, their bright light will be more obvious. We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any quality issue of the item, please contact us directly and we will resolve the issue timely. Thank you.
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