Carolina Morning Paleo Pad

Carolina Morning Paleo Pad

The Paleo Pad is about the thickness of a quilt or a traditional Japanese Futon, quilt or mattress pad. Dimensions: 33" x 80" x 1/2" thick. Constructed from organic cotton fabric and eco wool felt. This makes a nice yoga mat for restorative yoga. How to wash: 

‘The bath tub method’

Fill tub a few inches deep with  slightly soapy warm water.  Press Paleo Pad into the water, saturating it completely. 

Let the felt soak for a half hour. 

Knead and swoosh it around to remove the soiling. 

Drain the tub.

Fill tub again a few inches deep with non-soapy, clear water for rinsing. 

Swoosh and knead the felt until the soap is removed.  Let the water drain out. 

Leave the felt in the tub to continue draining for another half hour – or more. 

Ring out the water occasionally. 

Pull the felt out of the bathtub when it has had a chance to fully drain and dry a little so it is just moist.

Now lay the felt flat on a floor (that can handle moisture) and let it dry.  The felts dry quickly.  While still moist, stretch the felt if necessary to the desired size.  There should be very little shrinkage from the start measurements, if any.

Finish by sunning and airing  if desired.

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