Carolina Morning

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Carolina Morning American Style Organic Kapok Pillow

Traditional Pillows – Organic cotton fabrics stuffed with eco-friendly Kapok fiber. Child / Travel:..


Carolina Morning Body Pillow with case Organic Kapok

Organic cotton Body Pillow with removable case, filled with chemical free kapok. 4' 2" long, 12-15" ..


Carolina Morning Buckwheat Pillow Japanese Style

Small, Japanese-style pillows, filled with Buckwheat Hulls. Cylindrical (5″ diameter x 14″. Weighs 1..


Carolina Morning Buckwheat Yoga Block

Buckwheat Yoga Block  CLICK HERE for Color Swatches * Earth friendly yoga block. GROWN AND MANU..


Carolina Morning Eco Backrest

Five position adjustable angle floor or bed lounge chair. Frame made from eco friendly recycled Mede..


Carolina Morning Eco Backrest Removable Cover

Removable cover for the Eco BackrestPlease select your color from the list..


Carolina Morning Eye Pillows

Eye Pillows When you're in a bad mood-- Take a nap and get over it! Naps are a Southern Tradition, w..


Carolina Morning Inflatable Zafu

Inflatable Zafu. Contains a standard beach ball  ..


Carolina Morning Organic Buckwheat Pillow

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Carolina Morning Organic Yoga Blanket

Chemical Free Organic Cotton Blankets Available in Cocoa or Natural Sizes: Throw--46"x62" Yoga Blank..


Carolina Morning Paleo Pad

The Paleo Pad is about the thickness of a quilt or a traditional Japanese Futon, quilt or mattress p..


Carolina Morning Peace Bench

Portable take-apart kneeling bench. Seat dimensions: 7 inches x 18 inches. Small (5 3/4 inches tall ..


Carolina Morning Peace Bench Cushion

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Carolina Morning Platform Bedframe

Modular platform Bedframe knocks down into small segments. Easy to carry and move. Lightweight. Orga..


Carolina Morning Removable Restorative Yoga Mat Cover

Zippered Removable Cover for Restorative Yoga Mat. 27"x76"  ..


Carolina Morning Restorative Yoga Mat

Organic Cotton filled with chemical free kapok, 27"x76"x2--12 lbs. Removable cover available separat..


Carolina Morning Sky Bench

Dimensions: seat is 10"x20", height is 11.5 inches in front and 13 inches in back. Weighs 7 pounds. ..


Carolina Morning Smile Cushion Crescent Zafu

Zafu Meditation Cushions Smile Cushion (Crescent Zafu) * A Meditation Cushion is your place to take ..


Carolina Morning Tilt Seat

Made from earth friendly, 100% recycled wood content fiberboard, with whey based finish. Comes apart..


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