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Do you suffer from...

  • Tooth Grinding
  • TMJ 
  • Jaw Pain
  • Teeth clenching
  • Bruxism
Made of HYPOALLERGENIC material!

If you're one of the estimated 20 million Americans suffering TMJ pain from nightly teeth grinding  and clenching, you already know that mouthguards and splints are uncomfortable and simply don't work.  Relax, GrindAlert can help!

For more than 20 years, experiments have shown how the simple principle of biofeedback could be used to stop tooth grinding and jaw clenching, or TMJ.  Unfortunately, the equipment used in biofeedback systems was simply too expensive and too uncomfortable to use - especially in bed!

That was until a team of doctors, researchers and product designers invented GrindAlert™, a miniature, battery-powered device that you wear on your forehead like a soft, comfortable headband during sleep.  When you grind teeth or clench, GrindAlert sounds a quiet SleepTone™ that gently signals you to stop tooth grinding.

Since tooth grinding and clenching are unconscious acts, GrindAlert's biofeedback system works while you sleep (on a practically sub-conscious level) to gradually re-train your muscles and stop tooth grinding and clenching once and for all.


GrindAlert is a battery-powered device that sounds a tone when it senses EMG (electromyographic) muscle activity in the temporalis muscles of the forehead.  You can locate these muscles by placing your fingertips at your temples and clenching your teeth.

Electronic Module

The heart of the GrindAlert is a small electronic module that allows your to select a custom conditioning program for you.  GrindAlert's front control panel features MODE and SET buttons that display showing:

  • Score - number of times you clench 
  • Time - duration of clenching
  • Volume - volume of the tone
  • Level - EMG threshold level: amount of jaw force necessary to trigger the tone

 The back of the device features a piezo tone signal generator, similar to alarms found on digital watches.

A comfortable fabric headband containing two conductive rubber contacts like those found on a heart-rate monitor rests against the skin.  These connect with a snap to the electronic module.  An opening in the center of the headband allows the tone generator to rest against the forehead.  The headband is fully adjustable for all head sizes.

SleepTone is a patented innovation of GrindAlert, which uses a tone generator to transmit sound in a confidential manner.  This allows for lower volumes that won't wake your partner, and eliminates the need for an uncomfortable earpiece that could interfere with your own sleep.

The tone comes in three levels:

FAINT - A faint tone begins immediately upon clenching and continues for 2 seconds, giving you time to stop. 
ALERT - If you don't stop, a louder tone sounds. The increased volume (set by you) is intended to make you conscious of your activity. Your SCORE increases one point, and the TIME function starts counting seconds.
ALARM - After 5 seconds, the constant tone switches to an intermittent alarm, which continues until clenching or grinding stops.

How to Use GrindAlert

  1. Press the button to turn GrindAlert on.
  2. Put on the fully-adjustable headband.  A quick pair of beeps lets you know that GrindAlert is working
  3. Go to Sleep

Why Choose GrindAlert?

1.  We go right to the source 

By making you aware of your grinding the moment it happens, you are progressively training yourself to stop grinding or clenching.  Mouthguards simply can't offer this kind of prevention and muscle re-training.
2.  Proven track record

Our users continue to report dramatic improvement and cessation.
3.  Comfort

No messy or intrusive mouthguard, no earpiece in your ear, no electrodes stuck to your face. You simply wear a soft, self contained headband as you sleep.
4.  Monitor your progress

Read your score every morning and record it on our special 'report card' to chart your progress.
5.  Great value

GrindAlert tops the competition in price and features.


Is GrindAlert safe to use?
Absolutely safe.  Only the gentle SleepTone alerts you of your clenching.  GrindAlert is an extremely low-power device and uses a battery just like that found in a digital watch.

So it wakes me up, right?
Actually, the SleepTone is designed to be extremely faint for two seconds.  It only gets louder if you ignore it, so it is very possible that you won’t be woken up.  You should also know that nighttime grinding does not take place during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, those periods of sleep that leave us feeling rested and refreshed.  You will not feel robbed of sleep in the morning.

Will my partner be disturbed by the sound?
Actually, your grinding may already disturb them.  The light SleepTone is designed to be as quiet and confidential as possible, and you can adjust the volume.  Users have not reported complaints from their partners.

How long should I wear GrindAlert before seeing an improvement?
The digital counter lets you see and record your results every morning.  Some people respond very quickly, while others may see a more gradual improvement over time.  Typically, you will be able to judge your personal response to GrindAlert within just 30 days.

Can I still use a night guard?
If you want to continue to use a guard to protect your teeth, particularly when you first start using GrindAlert, go right ahead.  It's perfectly compatible with GrindAlert.

Do I have to wear GrindAlert every night?
Yes, it will be most effective when worn consistently every time you go to sleep.  However, once you've reduced your grinding you may choose to use GrindAlert less frequently.

Can I wear GrindAlert during the day?
Yes.  Many people also clench or grind unconsciously (for example, when they are driving or at work), so there can also be a benefit to wearing it at those times as well.

 How it works.

How does it work?
GrindAlert utilizes a small EMG device, similar to ones used by doctors and physical therapists, that senses the electrical activity in your temporalis muscles (on the temples.)

Will it work on my front teeth only? (some call it clicking)
No.  If you bite down on your front teeth only, then you are using your masseter (jaw) muscles independently.  When you clench and use your back teeth, with or without the front teeth, you use both the masseter and temporalis muscles.  GrindAlert can sense this activity.

I have a very small / very large head.  Will it fit me?
The GrindAlert headband has undergone extensive testing refinement.  It should fit all head sizes.

How much does it weigh?
The headband with electronic module and batteries weighs only 1.8 oz.!

Can I use GrindAlert on my child?
GrindAlert is safe for adults, but has not been tested on children.  Therefore we can not recommend using GrindAlert on children.


Is a prescription required?
No.  GrindAlert is a device intended for relaxation and muscle reeducation.  No other use or indication is claimed or intended.  It is not considered a medical device.

Has there been a clinical trial?
Dr. Gordon Christensen, a renowned dentist, reviews dental products and publishes a newsletter of his findings.  In his Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, Volume 25, Issue 10, October 2001, it was found that the majority of patients that tested GrindAlert saw a reduction of activity.

In an extensive article in the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society in January, 2003, Dr. Herbert Bader, a Lecturer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, reported: "Anecdotal case reports from dispensing practitioners indicate that adding GrindAlert to treatment plans has proven extremely successful."

What other clinical data do you have on this?
We use a methodology that has been studied extensively by Dr. Alan Glaros of the University of Missouri Kansas City and shown to be effective.  You can look up some of his work on the web.

The continued study of bruxism and TMJ has been hampered by the cost equipment and inconvenience of sleep labs.  We are hopeful that GrindAlert will eventually contribute to a better understanding of these ailments, and we encourage our customers to keep daily data that may be useful some day.

Is this covered by health insurance?
BruxCare is unaware of a category for GrindAlert within any healthcare plan coverage.  There is a possibility that your plan may cover it as a muscle sensing and/or retraining device.


Does GrindAlert come with batteries?
Yes, GrindAlert comes with two CR2032 lithium 3V coin cell batteries.

Where can I buy replacement batteries?
Typically any drug store or local Radio Shack carries these common batteries.  They cost $1-2 each.  You can also find them on the web in bulk for much less.  BruxCare sells replacements for $1 each.

How long do the batteries last?
Batteries last for roughly 320 hours of activity, or 40 nights of 8 full hours of sleep.

What is the headband made of?
The headband is cotton terrycloth on the outside, and a polyester blend on the inside.

What are the contacts made of?
Silicone with suspended carbon.

Will these hurt my skin or cause a rash?
No.  These materials were specifically selected because they do not react with the skin.

Are there any allergy problems?
The center contact is stainless steel.  Some people have an allergic reaction to stainless steel after they have had piercings on their body.

About Bruxcare

GrindAlert™ is proudly Made In The USA and holds two U.S. Patents

In 1995, Dr. Lawrence Dario, an inspired board-certified prosthodontist in Rhode Island, approached a team of inventors from MIT with a challenge: create a self-contained battery operated biofeedback device to stop bruxism.  Dario knew that in many trials over the last 20 years, biofeedback had been proven to be effective in anti-grinding and anti-clenching programs.  While those studies proved that the method was successful for most people, it was impractical for everyday use - cost, complexity and the size of equipment at the time kept a great idea in the laboratory.

The answer to his challenge was not what anyone expected.  The team found a way to detect clenching outside of the mouth - without intrusive mouthpieces, clunky wires, or sticky electrodes, by sensing the muscle activity on the temple.  After five iterations and over 100 different headband designs, the team managed to put all the big equipment used in the sleep lab into a device barely larger than a wristwatch.  It is biofeedback you can wear, with all the miniaturized, low-power electronics able to fit into a lightweight and comfortable, terry-covered headband.

 For 10 years, Bruxcare has served the needs of healthcare professionals and frustrated grinders and clenchers like you.  We pride ourselves on delivering not only the best possible answer to your grinding and clenching problem, but delivering the very best customer service as well.  You must be completely satisfied, or return GrindAlert for a refund.


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