Brinkman Solar Flood SL-7

Brinkman Solar Flood SL-7

Would you like a security light on your garage, garden shed, pool, or cabin but don't have easy access to electricity? This motion sensing security light may be the answer. It has a photovoltaic panel that can be mounted up to 15 feet away for placement where it will receive maximum solar exposure. The panel will convert the sunlight's energy into electricity and store it to power the two 10 watt quartz adjustable halogen lights during the evening, each of which is roughly equivalent to a 17 watt incandescent bulb. When the motion sensor is triggered, the lights will remain on for 90 seconds after motion was last detected. The motion detector covers a 130 degree area with a maximum range of 65 feet. The number of activations per night will be dependent on your geographical location, weather conditions, and seasonal daylight availability, but up to 120 "on" cycles can be stored on a full charge. This isn't the floodlight you'll want if you need to light your backyard all night, but for temporary illumination near a door or for added security in a remote location this Brinkman security light may be the perfect solution. For optimum illumination mount the main housing 6 to 8 feet above the ground, do not place the unit in a high traffic area, and aim the motion detector away from streets, busy walk areas, trees and bushes.

Dimensions: 15.0" Wide x 9.7" High x 4.0" Deep
Manfacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Origin: Macau

Item No EFI-1300.9

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