Brillante Plant Starter Peat Pots - 30 Pack of 4 Inch Pots for You...

-4% Brillante Plant Starter Peat Pots - 30 Pack of 4 Inch Pots for You...

Brillante Plant Starter Peat Pots - 30 Pack of 4 Inch Pots for Your Garden, Greenhouse or Nursery

The Ideal Garden Pots to Start and Grow Your Plants

GET YOUR PLANTS OFF TO A GREAT START - EVERY TIME: Start your seedlings in these all-natural pots with the confidence of success. You can simply plant the entire pot in your garden without disturbing your freshly started little seedling.

NO MORE WITHERED PLANTS! As your plants grow they can take root and flourish without the shock of transplanting. Once you place the pot and plant into the soil the root system can take hold in the permeable, natural wood fiber and peat material of the pot and grow into the surrounding soil.

SAVE TIME & MONEY: Since there's no need to carefully remove your started seedlings from the pots you can save time and with a high start success rate you'll save money by reducing wasted seeds, potting soil and water.

FRIENDLY TO PLANTS, HUMANS...THE WHOLE EARTH: These pots are made of organic wood fiber and peat blend that is free from added chemicals or ingredients. They're 100% biodegradable too.

WHAT'S INCLUDED? The package includes 30 pots each measuring 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the top (2.5 inches wide at the bottom).

  • 100% Natural & Biodegradable: After you've started your seedling in the pot simply plant it in the soil...pot and all! Your plant's roots will grow through the pot and into the surrounding soil.
  • Start Growing with Confidence: Since there's no need to transfer seedlings you can eliminate the disappointment of transplant-shock-withered plants.
  • Larger Size: Give your plants room to grow in these 4 inch tall and 4 inch wide pots
  • Earth Friendly & Safe for Your Home or Nursery: Made from all-natural wood fiber and peat moss with zero added glues, inks or chemicals.
  • Easy to Use and a Great Time Saver: Save time since there's no need to transfer plants after starting. A super-easy way to grow beautiful plants!
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