Biozone PR30 Air Purifier

Biozone PR30 Air Purifier

Biozone PR30 Air Purifier

BioZone technologies do not merely mask odors with chemicals or perfumes, they actually destroy the substances that cause the odors.

Kills Smoke, Odors, Viruses and Germs Fast in up to 3000 Square Feet!

No filters to replace or wash

Extremely effective virus, odor and smoke killer

Destroys pet odor

Destroys viruses, germs and mold on contact

Portable and Energy Efficient

One small machine cleans the whole house!

Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) process destroys VOC's on special surface

Biozone PR30,  the New and Improved

With added features such as programmability, a remote control and a lamp life monitor, the new and improved Biozone Air Purifiers are the way to go! Biozone PR30 takes lamp #10-08100, (click here to view the correct lamp replacement).

Technical Specifications:

Unit Weight: 6 lb.

Dimensions: 10”(W) x 10.5”(H) x 4”

Coverage Area: 3000 square feet

Operation power cost: $1 - $3 a month

Power: 120 V/60 Hz

Power Source: 12-V DC with accompanying adapter

Low-maintenance Unit: no filter to change, replace lamp once a year

Remote or front panel control for adjusting to pollutant levels and available space

Purifying Method: photoplasma, UV, ions, and ozone Biozone Technology


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