Best Healers on Earth: Ways to Body, Mind & Spirit Well-being

Best Healers on Earth: Ways to Body, Mind & Spirit Well-being
FOR THOSE WHO ARE SEEKING WELLNESS...NO HOME SHOULD BE WITHOUT THIS FULL COLOR KEEPSAKE (easy-to-read) DIRECTORY.... ** Dangerous viruses, such as: EBOLA, ENTEROVIRUS, HIV... and many others have been emerging as threats to millions of people. What can we do to reduce these threats? ** * THIS FULL COLOR KEEPSAKE BOOK is filled with many of the answers that people seek for healing their aches, pains, and sicknesses. Most people have been concerned about one type of sickness, injury or health problem -- at some time in their life. BUT... too often they find it very difficult to get good information as to how to remedy the problem. THIS BOOK OFFERS 'easy-to-read' natural remedies... for all sorts of health problems -- ** ARTHRITIS, DEPRESSION, DIABETES, CANCER, LUPUS, DEHYDRATION, STROKES, AIDS, DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS, FLU VIRUSES, ALZHEIMERS, PARKINSONS, CHRONIC PAIN....and VIRUSES (including Ebola)** ... and more ! If you have ever been seriously injured or probably were full of questions about what can be done to alleviate your condition...... HOW CAN A PERSON GET A GOOD DIAGNOSIS... without surgery or other invasive methods?.... WHAT ARE THE BEST REMEDIES FOR TREATING INJURIES, SICKNESS, or CHRONIC AILMENTS? What can we do about long-term pain & suffering ...if anything? ...In your search for answers...remedies and cures, you probably have searched for solutions...and asked many questions about 'health care.' ..... ** Can sicknesses be cured without using lots of prescription drugs? ....Do vitamins really help keep us well? ... Which are the best foods to eat? ... Are there ways to lose weight inexpensively? .... Is chemo-therapy really necessary?.... Are there other ways to alleviate spinal ailments -- other than surgery on the spine?.... What can we do about long-term agony & suffering...if anything? ....Are there remedies for health problems that don't require long term use of expensive therapies? ** BUT IN YOUR SEARCH FOR ANSWERS... MOST LIKELY YOU WERE OVERWHELMED BY THE LARGE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION (and confusing articles) ON MEDICINES and HEALTH CARE THAT IS OUT ON THE MARKET. INCLUDED ARE PICTURES AND WEBSITES SO THAT READERS CAN ACCESS MORE ACCURATE INFORMATION ABOUT EFFECTIVE NON-TOXIC TREATMENTS. In the face of on-going debates about how we can improve our HEALTH CARE system, and make it more widely available... it is time that we realize that we must seriously consider all natural (botanical, herbal) benefits, non-invasive treatments, ancient wisdom, and new non-toxic high tech solutions. LEARN MORE ABOUT.... how to get away from using so many harmful CHEMICALS, PESTICIDES and other toxic materials. EXPLORE concepts of holistic health, herbal & nutritional remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic, chakras, massage, eco-spirituality, and the environment. In face of our planetary crisis in health and climate... no matter who you are, where you were born, or how much money you have – it is time to recognize that our own health is connected with Earth's well-being.
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