Behrens 6110 10-Gallon Locking Lid Can

Behrens 6110 10-Gallon Locking Lid Can
Behrens 10-Gallon Locking Lid can is ideal for bird seed, grass seed and pet food storage. Made of durable galvanized steel this can is better than plastic. It is rodent proof, won't absorb odors or leach into food or seed. It also makes a terrific ash can. It is fully recyclable and made with no oil. Built to last with an offset bottom that keeps the can off the ground and large handles for easy carrying. Made in the U.S.A
  • Ideal for pet food, bird seed and grass seed dry storage only
  • Made in USA and fully recyclable
  • Durable the strength of steel; Rodent proof
  • Weather resistant won't rust
  • $73.37



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