Baasha Extra Large Round Brush With Boar Bristles 3.3 inch, Blow D...

Baasha Extra Large Round Brush With Boar Bristles 3.3 inch, Blow D...

Baasha Extra Large Round Brush 3 Inch, Boar Bristles Round Brush For Blow Drying, Large Roller Brush, Ceramic Round Barrel Brush, Nano Ionic Technology for Volume & Shine, 2 Size Options

The Baasha Large Round Brush 3 Inch is made of high quality boar bristles that are gentle on your hair while adding shine. The ceramic barrel of the round brush contains negative ion which is a blend of tourmaline and 30 super-moist ceramic minerals to create silky and smooth hair. The large ceramic round barrel is also vented for quick blow drying while adding volume and movement to your hair.

How to select the best hair brush for your hair?
Choose a vented brush for fast drying.
Choose a round brush to create the bouncy curls, volume or movement.
Choose a brush with boar bristles to add shine while being gentle on your hair.
Best of all, choose the Bassha Vented Round Brush with Boar Bristles that has all the benefits in one brush.

Brushing your hair can improve hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles. Treat your hair well by investing in a high quality brush and your hair will love you for it!

Hair Brush Model: 3 Inch Round Brush Large, Round Barrel Hair Brush , Roller Brush, Ceramic Round Hair Brush For Blow Drying, Round Brush With Boar Bristles
Dimensions: 10.43 x 3.35 x 3.35 inches
Weight: 0.302 lbs
Material: The Baasha 3 Inch Round Brush Large is made of Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins, Ceramic Round Barrel, Rubber Handle
Range of application: Home, Health Club, Beauty Salon, etc.

Package Includes:1 x Baasha Large Round Brush with Boar Bristles
  • WORK WONDERS FOR STYLING - Bassha Large Round Brush 3 Inch features boar bristles for smooth and shiny hair, and a vented ceramic barrel for faster and more consistent styling. It works wonders for smoothing, straightening & blow-drying your hair or creating soft bouncy curls. 2 Size Options: 1. Choose Large Round Brush 3 Inch for long hair or creating straighter hair style; 2. Choose Medium Large Round Brush for medium length to long hair or creating curlier hair style
  • ADD BODY & MOVEMENT - Large Round Brushes are made to give your hair body and movement, perfect for creating volume at the root, a bend in the middle of the hair, or a nice curl at the bottom. The big round brush 3 inch is ideal for straightening long hair, not recommended for short hair or bangs
  • FAST DRYING & PERFECT BLOWOUT - The vented ceramic barrel of the round brush allows hair to pass through and heat up during blow drying, effectively turning into a curling iron to create the perfect speedy and consistent blowout every time
  • HEALTHY & SHINY HAIR - Brushing with the boar bristles round brush will stimulate the scalp which promotes healthy hair growth, and will help redistribute sebum from scalp to lubricate and moisturize each of your hair strands achieving smooth & shiny hair
  • SMOOTH & STRAIGHT HAIR - Designed with nylon bristles surrounded by boar bristles that are spaced farther apart than brush with all boar bristles to give a strong grip on all hair type for creating smoother & straighter hair style. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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