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Aquatic Experts Activated Koi Pond Filter Carbon Charcoal - Remove Odors and Discoloration with 56 Ounce Bulk Container for Outdoor Water Gardens USA

For best results, use our mesh media bag or similar media bag. Simply add 1 cup per 250 gallons of water.

The Aquatic Experts 56 ounce Activated Pond Carbon works perfectly with our High Flow Mesh Media Bags (Sold Separately)! Our Classic Activated Filter Carbon is the most commonly used carbon
in ornamental ponds and outdoor KOI ponds, creating a clarity of water that is nearly impossible to achieve without it. Bituminous Carbon, also known as Bituminous Coal or Activated Charcoal,
is widely used as chemical filtration for the purification of water. It is highly porous and adsorbs heavy metals, odors, colorants, organic contaminants, pollutants and medications from the
water in your Koi pond or lake. It will also act as fine filtration for the water column, and will improve water quality allowing crystal clear glassy water for a brilliant natural water
garden display.

You'll be able to see your fish clearly as they swim, and you will enjoy their bright colors amidst the stones and aqua scaping like you've never seen before. Don't take a shortcut when you've worked
so hard to create a beautiful and serene environment. Keeping our activated carbon in your filtration system, and replacing it regularly, will ensure that your fish are safe and that you have the
most visually appealing Koi Pond possible! Keep all your fish friends happy and healthy with our Classic Activated Carbon. It has been thoroughly tested, and is completely safe for any pond application.
Simply pour into a high-flow mesh media bag, tie the drawstring top, rinse the carbon under fresh water in the sink for about a minute, and it's ready to go! Works great in any type of
pond filtration system, skimmer, or waterfall setup. We are always working hard to provide new products that will make your pond and garden hobby successful and rewarding.

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER: Works great with our High Flow Mesh Media Bags (Sold Separately)! Our Activated Pond Carbon removes the yellowish or brownish color from your pond. Yellow-brown tinted water is caused by dissolved organic compounds like branches, leaves, fish waste and fish foods. Removing and filtering these organic compounds using this bituminous coal will help achieve crystal clear water and a cleaner, healthier pond.
  • REMOVES FISHY SMELL: Our 56 ounce premium granular activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal or GAC, removes foul odors from Koi ponds and water gardens, removing unpleasant smells from the water so that you can enjoy the fragrance of your flowers and herbs. To ensure that our carbon stays fresh and effective, our containers have an air-proof seal in the lid.
  • SAVE MONEY: With our bulk containers of carbon you can fill our high-flow mesh media bags to your desired level. You will save money over purchasing pre-filled media bags. Our activated carbon is perfect for Koi Ponds, along with also being safe for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums, aquaponics and much more!
  • IMPROVE WATER QUALITY: Our super activated carbon removes Dissolved Organic Compounds (DOC) in Koi Pond water. Our carbon also removes chlorine, most medications, and some heavy metals. Keep your Koi fish happy and healthy by refreshing your mesh bags with new carbon regularly!
  • COMPLIMENTARY MEDIA BAG: package includes free reusable fine mesh media bag to use with our carbon or other filter media. The mesh bag will keep the carbon contained and still allow water to flow through.
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