Anumed Int'l Garcinia Cambogia - 60 cap

Anumed Int'l Garcinia Cambogia - 60 cap
Garcinia Cambogia Extract Information
As you may already know, Dr. Oz is one of the more well-known doctors leading the healthier living lifestyle.  His unique weight loss and scientific knowledge helps others and their ability to reach the masses via his Dr. Oz Television show makes him one of the most influential doctors in the world. We are happy to announce that Garcinia Cambogia is praised as "the Holy Grail for Weight Loss" by Dr. Oz and many other leading weight loss experts.
Like all fat release products, you likely have questions. What is it? What are the side effects of Garcinia Cambogia? Where does it come from? Is it safe? How effective is Garcinia Cambogia? Read on for your answers.
What is Garcinia Cambogia?
Garcinia Cambogia Extract is, a supplement that originates from the rind of the Garcinia Cambogia - a green pumpkin looking fruit. Garcinia has been used for centuries where it grows naitive, but its effective health benefits are only recently being studied by scientists. People who live in areas where the Garcinia Cambogia fruit grows in its native environment have actually known about its health benefits for centuries. People commonly call in and ask, how well does Garcinia Cambogia work? We simply tell them that as an appetite suppressant it works great, especially for emotional eaters.
How does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Work?
The Garcinia Cambogia Extract works as a dual action "fat buster". The first principle is suppressing your appetite. Next, it actually prevents fat from being made by blocking some receptors. These two reasons were enough (combined with the Dr. Chen’s findings) to cause Dr. Oz to anoint Garcinia Cambogia Extract as The Holy Grail of Weight Loss.
Dr. Oz also states that Garcinia Cambogia
• “Works as an appetite suppressant, helping to control your cravings. This means you’ll feel less hungry and in turn, consume less excess fat; you’ll only eat as much as you need” Doctor Oz
• “Acts as a fat blocker, meaning fat cells will not be permitted to form. This leaves the excess fat that you take in nowhere to store inside the body, meaning it passes through your system more rapidly.” Doctor Oz
• “Works by decreasing your current amount of belly fat. It specifically zeros in on the fat and helps to eliminate it.” Doctor Oz
• “Additionally, Garcinia Cambogia Extract manages the levels of Cortisol in your body, Cortisol is a hormone that is directly tied to your stress level.”  Doctor Oz
• “Helps emotional eaters because the supplement has been shown to cause an increase in serotonin levels. This helps to balance out mood swings and alleviate the symptoms of stress and depression. Those who “stress eat” or look for solace in food will not do so as much, two of the major causes of overeating and weight gain.” Doctor Oz
Why is Garcinia Cambogia so Popular?
The recent popularity of the Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplement can be ascribed to Dr. Julie Chen, a well-known and well-respected specialist dealing in health and wellness. Dr. Chen’s work with the Garcinia Cambogia Extract caught Dr. Oz’s eye, specifically the findings on how safe Garcinia Cambogia Extract is.
Dr. Chen’s studies proved that those taking Garcinia Cambogia Extract lost two to three times more weight than those not taking the supplement. This equates to an average of ten pounds per month. 
This both intrigued and captured Dr. Oz’s attention and he reviewed the product himself, a true testament to Garcinia Cambogia’s effectiveness. 
Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract work?
As we said earlier, it is hard for anyone to fully trust any weight loss supplement on the mainstream market, with so many diet fads coming and going. It is not a fad, but instead is effective in a few specific segments, Garcinia Cambogia is great for:
• Stress eaters
• Binge eaters
• Depressed eaters
• Emotional people
• Low carb dieters
• Dieters with high blood pressure
• All natural dieter
Garcinia Cambogia is not comparable to the new “diet fads”… It is an effective dual action weight loss supplement that turns your body into a fat burning, serotonin raising powerhouse. It will slow down your cravings for those fatty foods that we all crave when we are depressed, and help lower your appetite all at the same time.
The science behind Garcinia Cambogia is expanding! It has been clinically proven to change the biochemistry of part of your body that are responsible for creating new fat cells, helping you to slow down and in some cases completely stop the process of adding more body fat in the process. Then pushing them quickly through your digestive system and out as waste faster than you could guess.
Garcinia Cambogia is also a powerful hunger suppressant and craving reducer, helping you to control the portions that you eat while at the same time helping your body feel full so that you don’t snack as often as you would. This has a quick and healthy effect throughout your body and on your life.
Are all Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplements the Same?
Now that you can be sure that it works, there is one more thing you need to know. There are companies that are making Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplements and putting them up for sale. Dr. Oz stressed the importance of certain qualifications you need to look for when choosing a Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplement. They are:
• The name “Garcinia Cambogia” or (HCA) in the ingredients.
• Contains 60% HCA (hydroxycitric acid) - If it is less, the benefits decline
• No Fillers, Binders, or Artificial Ingredients
• Serving Dosage: 1000 MG
If you’re ready to take your weight loss to the next level, Garcinia Cambogia can give you the distinct advantage you’ve been searching for. To find a very special offer on a supplement that is in-line with Dr. Oz personal recommendations and guidelines for choosing a Garcinia Cambogia Extract, click the link below.

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