AlkaZone Antioxidant Water Fountain BHL-4200

AlkaZone Antioxidant Water Fountain BHL-4200

Alkazone Antioxidant Water Fountain (BHL-4200)


Creating the best ion water with pH density control by self-diagnosis 
Function to mark malfunction by self-diagnosis (Er1-Er7)

  • Voice message function
  • LCD monitor showing functions
  • Accurate filter replacement indicator
  • Subdivided pH levels (7 Steps) to improve the range of selections for pH density
  • Ultra user-friendly ion water machine
  • Artificial Intelligence Micom method by the megabyte DR semiconductor circuit
  • One-touch automatic system
  • Adopted platinum titanium electrode
  • Accurate filter replacement indicator by water flow
  • 6 step structure for perfect water purifying capability
  • Possible to make choice depending on class and water quality with the 2 set filter customize filter setting according to the needs of the user)
    Beautiful and elegant design making your kitchen atmosphere great
  • Showing flow rate with the flow rate sensor (Strong, Weak, Standard)
  • Water Pressure Indicator Light


  • Tap Water Filter (Type A) 5 micron
  • Tap Water Filter (Type B) 1 Micron
  • Tap Water Filter (Hollow Fiber Filter) 01 Micron
  • Add-in Mineral Water Filter (recommended for Wells or places where source water does not have enough minerals to produce alkaline water)

Product Specifications:

  • Item: Water ionizer
  • Model : BHL-4200
  • Rated Voltage : AC 120V / 60hz
  • Water Supply: Direct Connection to the tap water
  • Main Body: Dimension: 350 (W) X 360 (H) X 150 (D) mm
  • Weight : 145 lb approx
  • Water Pressure: 70-600k Pa (07 ?60kg/m2)
  • Water temperature Range: 5 - 35 degree centigrade
  • Overheating Protection: Two built in temperature sensors (Automatic reset type)

Electrolytic System:

  • Type: Serial electrolysis type
  • Capacity: 25 l /min (At water pressure 2kg/ m2)
  • Cleansing Type: Automatic cleansing (Time: 30 seconds, Drainage Volume: 08L)
  • Electrode: Platinum titanium Electrode

Purifying System:

  • Filter Replacement: Cartridge type (2 Stages)
  • Filter Life: Primary: 4 months, Secondary: 6 months (Based on 40 L/day)
  • Filter Life Display: LCD number display
  • Filter Material: Non woven, pp filter, Granular activated carbon,
  • Silver impregnated activated carbon, Calcium, Textile
  • Filter, Hollow fiber membrane filter (Optional)

Parts Name and Description:

  • Rear Panel: Internal circuit and parts protection cover
  • Control Board: Function control and indication
  • Alkaline Ion Water: Outlet of alkaline ion water
  • Main Body (Front): Electrolytic cell is fixed inside
  • Filter Cover: Filter protection cover
  • Power Lamp: It shows if the machine powered on or off
  • Ionizer lamp: It turns on when the machine creates ionized water
  • Cleaning/Acidic Lamp: It shows the selection of automatic cleaning or acidic water
  • This lamp is blinking when the machine is draining the washed water out
  • Purified/Drain Indicator Lamp: It shows the selection of automatic cleaning or Purified water
  • This lamp is blinking when the machine is draining the washed water out
  • Alkaline Ion Water Lamp: It shows the alkaline level step by step by degrees
  • Acidic Ion Water Lamp: It shows the acidic level step by step by degrees
  • pH Control button: Press button for the purpose of getting water you require
  • Purified Water Selection Button: This button is used only for the purified water
  • Acidic Selection Button: Press this button when you need acidic water, then acidic Water runs out from alkaline water faucet
  • Water Level Indicator Lamp: It shows the water flow rate
  • Low Level Water Lamp: It shows low water flow rate
  • High Level Water lamp: It shows high water flow rate

Item No BHL-4200

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  • Brand: AlkaZone
  • Product Code: BHL-4200
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