ACTIVA Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay White 2.2 pounds

-45% ACTIVA Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay White 2.2 pounds

ACTIVA Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay White 2.2 pounds

ACTIVA Plus Clay is a premium clay with superior plasticity. This self-hardening, air dry clay is an ultra-fine grained versatile clay that achieves excellent detail. This sophisticated modeling clay is great for crafts, art projects, classroom and studio use. It is easily worked by hand or tool for the desired results. It cures to superior strength and durability with minimal shrinkage, ¼ inch will dry in about 24 hours. Plus Clay will not crumble when dry, and can be carved, sanded and drilled when cured. It can be kiln dried if desired and will accept any finish. It is safe, non-toxic and meets ASTM D4236. Available in White, Black and Terra Cotta.

Since its founding in 1959, ACTIVA Products has been the industry leader in supplying the highest quality materials for creativity. For artists, crafters, designers and educators, ACTIVA provides the right tools and products for artistic expression. Whether the need is for instant papier mache, air dry clays and plasters, vibrant sand, casting, sculpture or floral design, ACTIVA products provide the quality, consistency and proven performance expected by even the most demanding artisan. All our products are 100% safe, non-toxic and meet or exceed all US and European testing standards. ACTIVA Products, Materials for Creativity.
  • Plus clay is a premium quality natural self hardening clay
  • It's exceptional plasticity and ultra fine grade allows for excellent detail and versatility
  • Strength and durability (will not crumble) with minimal shrinkage
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