About Exit 15

Since late 2002 we have been curating innovative products in categories like personal care, skin care, child care, wellness, therapeutic devices, pet care and many other products, designed to support active and healthy lifestyle. Our selection will help improve, enhance, and extend your life and your environment.


From up and coming brands, small manufacturers, to more established names. From the US, Canada, Europe, and from more exotic countries, we bring quality products to your door step, products that otherwise would not be available at your local retailer. 


We started in New York City at the heart of the flower district where each day started with a breath of fresh flowers scent that we passed on to our customers through happy and positive attitude. Now we mostly work out of Brooklyn, a walking distance from the creative center and the makers hub of Industry City. From here we deliver unique finds across the country. 

Commitment to service and customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. There are no hidden fees, no auto-ship or un-authorized charges, no annoying phone calls or unwanted emails. You may not get the military grade efficiencies of Amazon.com but you will get a personal service and a call back if you ask.


Thank you for your business, it means the world to us.

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