Natural Hair Dye Black Covers Grey Hairs No PPD para-phenylened...

Natural Hair Dye Black Covers Grey Hairs No PPD para-phenylened...

Pack of 2 - Enough for 2 sessions for MEN and 1 session for women. We recommend leaving on your hair from 20-25 minutes. Better results with more rubbing and a shower cap. Wetting your hair is required.

As any hair product - Please do a test on your skin to determine if allergic before using fully.

  • 100% Natural Hair Dye Imported from Asia! We use this product on our own hair!
  • Pack of 2 - Enough for 2 sessions for MEN and 1 session for women
  • Application: Wear a pair of gloves (if not this shampoo will blacken your nail without harmful effect.) Wet your hair and dry it with a towel. Pour the Noni Black Hair Magic on your hands and mix it well. Place the mixture onto the hair and keep massaging for 7 to 10 minutes. For best result, cover the hair with shower cap for additional 10 minutes. Note: Avoid letting the shampoo stay on your forehead for too long, as it will turn black. Rinse your hair thoroughly
  • Why this product is superior to normal hair dyes? Contains No Para-phenylenediamine - lethal dose of this is 10g, it is easily absorbed from skin and lung. This chemical is harmful if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. Para-phenylenediamine is so toxic this is why other hair dyes require use of gloves. Long term use of normal hair dyes can be fatal. This chemical gets absorbed into the interstitial fluid and bloodstream. Long-term use of normal hair dyes promotes lymphatic cancer! Turn your hair black by shampooing this product into a wet scalp. The Noni Black Hair Magic is formulated with various herbal essences such as noni, wild ginseng, wild ganoderma lucidum etc. It took the experts two years to develop, and contain natural ingredients that can rapidly turn your hair black naturally and healthily. This hair dye goes above normal hair dyes with anti-dandruff and nourishing properties that bring nutrients to the roots of the hair and effectively prevent hair lose. Safe and healthy, without harmful side effects of hair dye chemical and won't damage the hair and your scalp.
  • Whats inside? Herbal essence for hair nourishment: Noni, Polygonum multiflorum Thunb and wild ginseng, wild ganoderma lucidum etc. Its blackening effect is six times of normal blackening shampoo. Easy to use: instant black after light usage, just need seven minutes to blacken your hair, whenever and wherever you are. It blackens your hair from the root to end. Combination of hair blackening, hair nourishment and hair conditioner in one convenient application. Say goodbye to dull white hair!
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