eXact 486632 Micro Copper Strip for Photometers

eXact 486632 Micro Copper Strip for Photometers
For use with eXact Photometers, the eXact Strip Micro Copper incorporates the patented eXact reagent delivery system created by Industrial Test Systems, Inc. which is ideal for technical and non-technical users. By dipping the eXact strip into a photometer cell, the exact amount of reagent is released into the water causing a change in color or turbidity. The change is measured by an eXact photometer giving the user fast and accurate results. Each unit consists of a bulk bottle of 50 tests.
  • Used with eXact photometers only - includes a bulk bottle of 50 tests for the detection of Copper in water
  • Reagent for: eXact iDip (0.06 - 11.0 ppm); eXact Micro 20 W/ Bluetooth SMART (0.01 - 11 ppm); eXact Micro 7+ (0.04 - 8 ppm); eXact Micro 10 (0.04 - 8 ppm); eXact EcoCheck (0 - 11 ppm);
  • For visual method see SenSafe Copper (John's) part #480042
  • Made in USA
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