6.5 inch Butcher Knife by Findking-Dynasty series-3 layer 9CR18MOV...

6.5 inch Butcher Knife by Findking-Dynasty series-3 layer 9CR18MOV...

6.5 inch Butcher Knife by Findking-Dynasty series-3 layer 9CR18MOV Clad Steel w/octagon Handle Meat Cleaver with Leather Knife Sheath

  • DYNASTY SERIES BLADE QUALITY - Findking’s dynasty series uses 9CR18MOV. With an HRC of 60+/-2.A great steel for the everyday use of any chef. The clad dimple allow for easy food release while slicing or dicing. This blade is great for boning, cutting bone, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming and butterflying all your favorite meats. Please refrain from cutting frozen products as this may detriment the knife's edge.
  • DYNASTY SERIES HANDLE - is crafted from African rosewood, and is a great compliment to the beauty and comfort to the knife user. The stability of the handle allows the user full manipulation of the blade. This makes for effective use for precision, and endurance cuts. This handle makes mis en plas (food prep) FUN again
  • WEIGHT/BALANCE- The balance point runs heel to spine up the billet. Allowing the user a comfortable grip with precise cuts, and less wear and tear on the users hands. The weight is towards the blade of the knife making for efficient use during rock chopping motion.
  • DESIGN- Dynasty series chef knives are designed to show the beauty of eastern chef’s knives. While focusing on comfortability, and efficiency for the everyday chef. Blade length is 16.8cm and handle length is 12.5cm with an overall length of 29.5cm. When a pinch grip is used the blade length is considered “6.5” inch” where the user will be able to maximize maneuverability of the blades cutting edge.The overall length of Leather Knife Sheath is 18.2cm
  • OUR PROMISE- Quality is a massive focus of Findking’s products. As a promise to our customers, price will not be affected by our strive for the highest quality in our products.
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