50+ Zucchini and Squash Mix Seeds ORGANICALLY Grown 12 Varieties N...

50+ Zucchini and Squash Mix Seeds ORGANICALLY Grown 12 Varieties N...

50+ Zucchini and Squash Mix Seeds ORGANICALLY Grown 12 Varieties Non-GMO Delicious and Healthy, Grown in USA. Rare, Super Profilic and Delicious!

Zucchini and Squash MIX

Included 12 Zucchini and Squash MIX varieties:

Lungo Bianco di Sicilia
Alberello of Sarzana
Zucchini Genovese
Zucchini Lunga Fiorentino
Zucchini Striato d'Italia
Green Tint Scallop Squash
Black Beauty Squash
Crookneck Squash
Round Zucchini
Yellow Scallop Squash
Cocozelle Squash
Dark Green Zucchini

Zucchini wants warm soil and air temperatures for growing, 70-80 F is optimal. Zucchini seed won't germinate in cold soil. Seeds may be slow to germinate if the soil is too cool (60F or less). One zucchini plant will produce 6 to 10 pounds of fruit over the course of the season. Stagger plantings so that you have a continuous harvest but are not overwhelmed. Space plants 3 feet apart to provide air circulation and discourage disease. A good planting strategy is to plant zucchini on low hills that easily warm in spring. Sow three seeds to a hill and when seedlings have one true leaf, thin the starts to one per hill-just snip off the weakest plants with scissors so as not to disturb the roots of the one that remains.

Zucchini is a monoecious plant, meaning each plant has both male and female flowers.

Zucchini should be picked young and tender for the very best flavor. Once fruits are 4 inches long, it's time to start the harvest. Zucchini can grow 1 to 2 inches a day so check your plants every day at harvest time. Zucchini that grows very large will be pulpy, seedy, and bitter flavored.

SOIL Temperature for Germination: 70-80F
Sow 1/2 inch deep
Plant Spacing: 3 feet apart
Hardiness: Zones 4-9
Sun Requirement: full sun / partial shade.
Soil Type: Moist, well-drained.
Days to Germination: 7-14 days
Germination Rate: 90%
  • PLEASE READ! This is a MIX!!! SEEDS ARE NOT individually packaged according to variety but are packaged in one envelope for this listing!
  • Included varieties: Lungo Bianco di Sicilia, Alberello of Sarzana, Zucchini Genovese, Lunga Fiorentino, Striato d'Italia, Green Tint Scallop Squash,
  • Black Beauty Squash, Crookneck Squash, Round Zucchini, Yellow Scallop Squash, Cocozelle, Dark Green Zucchini.
  • Keep moist, not letting the seeds dry out between watering. Sow 1/2 inch deep. Plant Spacing: 3 feet apart. Zones 4-9.
  • Scroll down for detailed planting instruction!
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