50 Spotted Beebalm Seed Bombs, Bulk Seed Balls for Seed Bombing M...

50 Spotted Beebalm Seed Bombs, Bulk Seed Balls for Seed Bombing M...
Spotted bee balm are a beautiful US native wildflower. They like well-drained solid, and can tolerate dry to moderately wet climates. Seed balls make sowing easy. Just throw these in a good place for the flower to grow and when the conditions are right, they will germinate! They are a traditional no-till agricultural practice that has been growing in acceptance as a valuable conservation tool. This and many other wildflower seeds require fall planting or stratification. Directions will be included.

Spotted Beebalm
• Attracts Birds, Butterflies, and Hummindbirds
• Native to: Most of United States**see map
• Sun-Part Shade and Sandy-Clay soils
• Dry-Moist water requirements .
• Zones: 5-10
• Helps support native bees, Honey Bees, & Bumble Bees.

A note about seed balls:
Seed balls protect the seeds from erosion, foraging, and many other factors. This protective property often results in a slower germination cycle. Wildflowers are also highly variable in their germination rates. Please be patient with your seed balls. If you placed them in a suitable location, soil, and climate, when the seeds are ready, they will grow!
  • US Native Wildflower
  • Supports bees, butterflies, and other pollinators
  • Soil matrix engineered by a soil scientist.
  • 3 kinds of compost
  • Easy sowing- just toss in a good spot!
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