4.5w Philips Dim A15 MedBse Cl - Pack of 2

Philips Energy Saving LED 4.5-Watt A15 fan bulb is ideal for use in hallways, dining rooms and living rooms. It provides a soft, white light ideal for general or accent lighting and its clear finish adds a decorative sparkle to your room. Fully dimmable, this medium base fan bulb replaces your current 40-Watt incandescent bulb saving you up to 97.63 in energy costs. Personalize your home with stylish accent or ambient lighting. Philips advanced LED bulbs can enhance your home with soft white light, while reducing your carbon footprint and your electric bill. The elegant design provides increased life when compared to less-efficient incandescent bulbs. Philips LED lighting can improve ambience, energy-efficiency and comfort in your home while delivering performance you can count on. Switching to higher efficiency LED lighting can help reduce your electric bill, preserve our environment and create the perfect lighting for your home. With bulb shapes available in PARs, R, MR16 spots and floods, A-shapes, candles and specialty bulbs, Philips' family of LED light bulbs offer a wide range of solutions for household applications. A simple switch can make a difference in the home and environment.

  • Philips 4.5-Watt Energy Saving LED A15 decorative fan bulb can replace your 40-Watt incandescent, saving you up to 97.63 in energy costs
  • New prism design simulates incandescent-like sparkle within your home
  • Instant-on and will not fade fabrics or colors
  • Fully dimmable - Dims just like an incandescent bulb
  • Philips Internal Model # 9290002890
  • Voted: 2463
  • Brand: Philips
  • Product Code: EFI-1100.163
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $33.95



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