2-Packs 1000W LED Grow Light with Lens,SAHAUHY Full Spectrum Plant...

Out Of Stock 2-Packs 1000W LED Grow Light with Lens,SAHAUHY Full Spectrum Plant...

2-Packs 1000W LED Grow Light with Lens,SAHAUHY Full Spectrum Plant Lights Veg & Bloom Double Switch with Thermometer Humidity Monitor and Adjustable Rope for Indoor Plants Veg Flower

SAHAUHY is a professional LED Grow light manufacturer, after extensive experimentation and testing, the Newest 1000W Full Spectrum
Led Grow Light with lens is engineered to keep the balance with the high lumen and suitable coverage.
Make the plant will not concentrated in the middle of the growing area which results in stunted plant growth and sunburning.
Energy saving,safety,easy to operate,provides all the light needed for plant veg and flower, it is similar to the sunlight.
Best for All Kinds of Indoor Plants at All Growth Stages.

What Can SAHAUHY LED Grow Lihts Do for You?
1.To help you grow any plants at any season and any enviorment, even in winter.
2.To help you grow fresh and healthy vegetables at any time.
3. To shorten the growing circle and increase the yield for your plants.
4.To give the most needed spectrum and light nutrition for growing in all stages.
5.To promote a better growth of plants, replaced the sun completely.

1000W led grow light contains¡êo
Red : 54pcs 630nm-660nm
Blue : 29pcs 460nm
White : 4pcs 14000K
Yellow : 4pcs 580nm
IR : 1pcs 730nm
UV : 1pcs 430nm
Lens: 60pcs
Vegetative Coverage at 24": about 5x5ft
Flowering Coverage at 18":about 4x4ft
Input Voltage: AC85-265V,50-60Hz

What You Get?
2x SAHAUHY LED Grow Light
2x Thermometer Humidity Monitor¡ê¡§Not included battery¡ê?
2x Power Cord
2x Hanging Hook Kits
2x Adjustable Rope
2x User Manual

Using tips:
1.Lighting Time setup: Vegetative Stage: 12-14 hours on
2.Flowering Stage: 9-12 hours on. Fruiting Stage: 7- 8 hours on
3.Suggest distance above plants: 2-3.5ft
4.Please regular check the growth of the plant.

  • Lens Technology: SAHAUHY 1000 watt led grow lights use advanced, safe lens technology, the leaves of a plant can receive various rays of light evenly for secure photosynthesis without scorching leaves and fruits.Besides the optical loss of PAR is 30% less than that of any other brands on the market.Almost 100% power usage towards actual growth.
  • Double Switch:The Veg/Bloom double buttons could be used to set 3 modes to control for full spectrum which provides veg and flower all stages everything they desire in the natural sunlight. Perfect for seeding /young vegetative growth or flowering/ blooming.It design promotes plant growth.
  • Daisy Chain Function:Built on daisy chain function, cascading products by daisy chains.(Please do not more than 4.).Great for you to simplify growing operation and management, link more grow lights while using one wall outlet only.
  • Efficient Heat-Removal System:Powerful high speed two fans and upgraded aluminum heat sinks constitute a powerful cooling system which keep the lights cool and extend the lifespan of the light.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MADE AND INTIMATE SERVICE!The SAHAUHY Plant Hydroponic Lights is covered with 30-day Return and 360-Days Repair from the date that you purchased. Any questions, please feel free to contact us by our after-sale email and we will reply to you within 24 hours and help you solve any problem.
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