144 Cells Seedling Starter Trays, 10 Plant Labels and Quick Start ...

144 Cells Seedling Starter Trays, 10 Plant Labels and Quick Start ...
Essential, affordable and professional grade, Coconut Oasis (tm) has assembled a 3-stage system that gives gardeners of all skill levels the most effective tools and knowledge for successful gardening, season after season. Coconut Oasis, STAGE 1: Seedling Tray Refill Kit is an affordable package to kick-start your garden this growing season! Two 10x20, 72-celled Seed Starter Flats (perforated for easy separation into 6-celled trays) and 10 Plant Labels. Also included is our noteworthy "Quick Start Guide" (© Xero5), which contains directions to get your seeds started immediately! Look for Coconut Oasis, STAGE 1 Germination Kit and STAGE 2 and 3 products as your seedlings mature! Coconut Oasis brand is sold exclusively by select retailers, assuring consistent quality to meet your expectations. Made in USA. UPC:867942000068
  • Seedling Trays Refill Kit cells ideally sized to start all herb, veggie, flower seeds and rooted stems,
  • 144 cells (24, 6-celled trays), Standard (Medium) Cell Size: each cell measures 1.5" square by 2.25" deep),
  • 10 Plant Labels Included, (5" long),
  • Also includes "Quick Start Guide" (© Xero5), a quick guide to get your garden started on the right track,
  • Drain holes at bottom of each cell, Compatible w/ Standard 10x20 Drip Pans.
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  • Brand: Xero5, inc.
  • Product Code: CO144cells
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