10 Lbs Water Absorbing Crystal Polymer Soil Moist + Humic Acid Or...

10 Lbs Water Absorbing Crystal Polymer Soil Moist + Humic Acid Or...
SOIL VIGOR TM+ HUMIC ACID (Organic) Application Rate: Potted Plants-1/2 Tbsp.-6" to 8"Pot; 1 Tbsp.-10"Pot; 2 Tbsp. - 5 gallon pot. Vegetable, Flower, Garden Beds: Mix with soil-8 tbsp Soil Vigor per 60 lbs soil. Grass Lawns (laying sod and seeding): Mix with soil, Tamp down the soil mixture level into the ground : 1 lb per 100 square feet.2 oz. / 40 lbs of top soil 2.5 oz./ Cubic Feet of Top Soil,10 lbs Soil Vigor per 1000 square feet.430 lbs.1acre. Trees & Shrubs: Mix Soil Vigor with soil_ 4 oz. per 60 lbs of soil.4lbs. Per cubic yard of panting media. Soil Vigor + Humic Acid Organic also 100% GMO free, Soil Vigor is a Potassium based Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) that does not cause soil clumping , The best growing conditions are moist fluffy nutrient rich soil. SAP has been used by home and commercial vegetable gardeners worldwide since early 1970's. META Title: Super Absorbent Polymer soil moist + Humic Acid, nature's fertilizer
  • Soil Vigor (Tm) Super Absorbent Polymer, Soil Moisture Trap + Humic Acid (Organic Fertilizer) for All Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vegetable, Flower Gardens, and Lawns of All Sizes. Commercial- Grade
  • Non-Toxic - Will not harm your insects or the pets which eat the insects.Prevents drowning of feeder insects
  • Faster germination rates! Reduces soil clumping for better in soil oxygen! Grow and maintain healthy plants!
  • Reduce watering, save money and labor! Save on fertilizing cost by reducing runoff!
  • Reusable for up to 7 years in the ground. 100% biodegradable, Safe, Non toxic.
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