Exercise Equipment

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Biosig Instruments Antense
FITNESS ANTI-TENSION DEVICE   Antense® gives you instant feedback on your stress..
Biosig Instruments Body-Trim
Body Trim® provides the same complete workout in your own home as you would experience with t..
Biosig Instruments Exerlopers
PATENTED NO-IMPACT RUNNING SHOES Exerlopers® are a unique type of running shoes that is f..
Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse Floor Model 203
Insta-Pulse Monitor w/ Floorstand   Now there is a fast and efficient way to monitor..
Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse model 105
PATENTED FITNESS HEART RATE MONITORS   InstaPulse® Heart Rate Monitors can measu..
Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse model 107
InstaPulse Hand-Held Model IN-107 Pocket Model   InstaPulse®, is a hand-held bat..
Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse Wall Model 201
Easy Access for Pulse Rate! Ideal for Physical Education classes, gyms and large groups, the ..
Biosig Instruments Sea Jogger
WALK ON WATER  with the revolutionary patented Sea Jogger   Addressing the ..
Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Shorts
Delfin Spa's best selling shorts are designed to fit a woman's body and to aid in weight ..
Mind Alive DAVID Session Editor CD (Version 2.0)
The DAVID Session Editor is graphics software that allows for any type of session to be desig..
Striiv  Striiv Smart Pedometer
Striiv Smart Pedometer comes with a high resolution colr touchscreen making fitness fun throught ..
Trimax Sports PurAthletics Medicine Ball
PurAthletics Medicine Ball 8lb. The PurAthletics Medicine Ball improves range of motion, coor..
Gymtronix Figurina
Figurina Smart-n-Easy way to firm and tone your bottom and thigh muscles. As seen on TV B..
Karman Healthcare MoonRocker, Home Exercise Machine
MoonRocker MoonRocker is a great idea for cardiovascular exercise and it’s a great value for ..
Karman Healthcare SurfUp - Home Exercise Machine
SurfUp - Home exercise machine SurfUp is a great idea for cardiovascular exercise and it’s a ..