Wondertrack Back Pain

Wondertrack Back Pain

The Wondertrack is truly the lazy person’s back pain relief device! Help realign your spine, by simply lying on the Wondertrack in a comfortable position on the floor, bed, or anywhere else with a firm surface.  All you have to do is lie down for relief! Its unique concave shape provides comfort and is a gravity aided device, so you don’t need any additional equipment or moving parts.  It helps keep your lower back flat and your spine straight, putting you in passive traction and achieving better results. The Wondertrack can be stored almost anywhere as its only 16.75” x 24” which makes it easy to transport in your suitcase when traveling.  The Wondertrack is and FDA registered device and was invented by an Orthopedic Doctor.  It can also be used for exercise and strengthening and comes with an instructional DVD.

"The World's Easiest Back Pain Relief Device!"
• Relieves Back Pain
• Relieves Muscle Tension
• Wear a shirt or use a towel when using. (No direct skin contact)
• Use 10 – 20 minutes per occurrence
• Use 2-3 times daily as needed for pain
• For severe back pain use for 30 minutes - 2 hours
• Wondertrack is designed to fit most people. Always check with your medical professional if your situation is unusual or you suffer from severe scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis or morbid obesity.
Lie Down for back relief only OR have the option of exercising with the Wondertrack    to improve strength! (Watch Exercise DVD)

Why is Wondertrack the world's easiest back relief device? Because all you have to do is lie down for relief!

Back pain is the #2 problem that brings people into the doctor's office. Many spinal conditions cause back pain, but muscle sprains and strains can cause it too. Now Wondertrack can help you feel better and eliminate the pain!
Each year, back pain costs Americans about $50 billion in medical bills, disability, and lost productivity. You can STOP your back pain today with Wondertrack.


•    A passive traction device to relieve back pain and muscle tension.

How does it work?
•    The patented curved shape of the WONDERTRACK cradles both sides of your back. When you lay in the WONDERTRACK groove, your body weight exerts a downward force on the vertebra while the side buttressing straightens the alignment of the spine and joints as you relax, reducing painful pressure and relieving back pain and muscle tension.

What does it help?
•    Low back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain & Muscle Tension

Who invented it?
•    Armen J. Dumas, M.D.
•    Doctor of Medicine graduated from UCLA.  
•    AMA Board Certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

What is the warranty?
•    1 YEAR

How long has it been around for?
•    Since 1990’s

How long do I use it for?
•    10-20 minutes per occurrence, 2-3x’s day or as needed
•    30-60 minute or longer for severe back pain

Can I exercise with it?
•    Yes, comes with instruction manual and DVD

How big is it?
•    Size: 17” X 24” X 2”
•    Weight: 2 ½ Lbs

What is it made out of?
•    High Impact Styrene (Hard Plastic)

Will it fit anyone?
•    WONDERTRACK     is designed to fit most people. Always check with your medical professional if your situation is unusual or you suffer from severe scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis or morbid obesity.

The Wondertrack board provides additional comfort and correct body alignment during my back exercises. Should the back “flare up”, I can get relief by lying on the board on the floor for 20 minutes!!
-Martha Libby

As a rehabilitation nurse, my work is very physically demanding. Even with caution to prevent injury, I experience muscular back pain. Fortunately the Wondertrack passive spinal traction device helps me to relax and relieve back pain and muscular spasm. I use it often and recommend it to my friends and colleagues."
-Dorothy Nakama, R

"It feels much more comfortable lying with my back supported in the Wondertrack. As a paraplegic, I find this helpful, comfortable & I would use this product at home, work, school or anywhere. "
-Gordon K. Page

"I experience a significant difference between laying on the Wondertrack & laying on a conventional flat surface. On the Wondertrack I can actually feel my back being supported and it feels as if my spine is being cradled. I feel a much greater sense of relaxation as I lay on it. I'm looking forward to having my own so I can get these benefits at home.   
-Leo Elovitz

"Sitting in front of the computer all day and being stuck in LA traffic behind the wheel takes its toll on my lower back. I used this genius product for just 30 mins and I feel like a new man; rejuvenated and my back is at ease. This simple product is so amazing, it works!"
-Jeff Suputra

"The wondertrack gives me a great feeling of relaxation because of the full support it gives to my neck and pelvis. Lying in the wondertrack is undeniably restful. In fact, I'd love to take one home and sleep in it!"
-Anamarie Mendez

Prior to me using Wondertrack, I slept every 5 or 6 days. Now I sleep every night, even without medication! Thanks Dr. Dumas!
-Michael Thompson

I’ve had good results from using the Wondertrack for about a month. It helps relieve the stress and pain in my lower back after a day’s work.
-Reggie Lindsay


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