Tyzall 50x80 White 4mil - Pack of 2

Tyzall 50x80 White 4mil - Pack of 2

This 50" x 80" plastic interior storm is a low-cost way to reduce infiltration around windows. Each storm consists of a plastic spline and channel system to create a seal in front of the window. The storm is installed by attaching the lengths of adhesive white plastic channels around the frame of the window. The 4 mil clear vinyl is spread across the face of the window, and held in place with a thin plastic strip (the "spline") that locks into the channel. The seal is achieved in a way similar to that of a sealing plastic bag. If well maintained, the clear 4-mil clear vinyl can be reused year after year. The plastic storm spline and channels may be cut to size with a utility knife. The clear 4 mil vinyl may be trimmed with scissors.

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