TRUArt Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen Set + 2 Extra Pens Bundle -...

TRUArt Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen Set + 2 Extra Pens Bundle -...

TRUArt Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen Set + 2 Extra Pens Bundle - Best Woodburning and Leather Crafts Burner Tool Kit - Comes with 34 Different Tips - Dual Power Mode - 30W and 15W, Gourd

Are you looking for a perfect woodburning kit or a Pyrography Pen Kit for pursuing your hobbies or giving a new touch to your art?

Are you looking for a mini short barrel iron that is easy to maneuver, comfortable to hold and wouldn‘t result in cramps during use?

Well, look no further because we have a perfect woodburning kit that‘s ideal for pursuing your hobbies and crafts.

TRUArt Pyrography Pen is easy to handle and use. The wide variety of attachment tips (for burning, cutting, branding, etc.) give you artistic freedom to produce your perfect piece of work.

Give form to your artistic ideas

This woodburning kit is a great tool for a hobbyist who work on a variety of crafts from woodwork to leather embossing. Using this incredible tool you can give form to your artistic ideas.

Easy to use

Even if you are a novice wood burner, you will find TRUart easy to use. It quickly heats up and gets sufficiently hot to easily draw on a variety of woods and leather. It comes with different bits for different techniques and a carry case to keep all the bits organized.


aÅ"“ A Functionally Effective Pyrography Pen or Short Barrel Iron
aÅ"“ 34 Different Varieties of Tips, including a razor blade and soldering tip
aÅ"“ Easy to use Rubber Handle that allows precise moves
aÅ"“ Ideal for both Wood and Leather
aÅ"“ Dual Power Mode ‘" operates at 15w for leather and 30w for wood
aÅ"“ Ease of Operation ‘" A switch on the handle makes it easy to switch power modes
aÅ"“ Superior quality ‘" durable and functionally effective

So what are you waiting for?

ORDER NOW and get TRUArt Woodburning or Pyrography Pen Kit for taking your art and craft to all new heights.

  • ➤ REPLACEMENT PEN GUARANTEE ➤➤ We fully understand the processes involved in woodburning including, among others, the effect high heat has on brass. As brass softens because of the heat, excessive pressure causes it to bend and eventually break. We WILL replace the pen and broken tip at no extra cost. Simply contact us and include a picture of the broken tip for immediate replacement. This is our definition of 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction
  • ➤ THE DUAL POWER MODE, BEST-IN-CLASS WOODBURNING PEN ➤➤ FOR US/CANADA/MEXICO - 110V ONLY. Using with any other voltage VOIDS THE PRODUCT WARRANTY. This 30W pen heats quickly and has excellent heat retention. Use 30W for woodburning and 15W for leather burning
  • ➤FAST AND EFFICIENT➤➤ 3 pens allow you to work 3X the speed. Simply set up three different tips, switch them on and cover a wide variety of DIY projects with wood, leather, gourd and more!
  • ➤WIDE SELECTION OF TIPS➤➤ You can have point, shading and branding tips hot at the same time to be ready for you to draw, shade or stamp. If you need a fourth or fifth tip, simply switch a pen off and let it cool down while you continue your work with the other two
  • ➤NEVER GET STUCK AGAIN➤➤ If one pen fails, you have two more to finish your project on time while waiting for the replacement to arrive. Remember, simply reach out to us in the unlikely event a pen fails
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