8-Pack Knife Sharpening Stones | Japanese Whetstones with Bases | ...

8-Pack Knife Sharpening Stones | Japanese Whetstones with Bases | ...

8-Pack Knife Sharpening Stones | Japanese Whetstones with Bases | Sharpening Stone Set for Kitchen, Hunting, Pocket Knives or Blades

  • MULTIPURPOSE SHARPENING STONE SET For examples of items that can be sharpened with our whetstones include scissors, scythes, knives, razors, and tools such as chisels, hand scrapers, and plane blades. Despite being a homophone with wet in most dialects of modern English, whetstones do not need to be lubricated with oil or water, although it is very common to do so. Lubrication aids the cutting action and carries swarf away.
  • JAPANESE SHARPENING STONES The Japanese traditionally used natural sharpening stones lubricated with water. They have been doing this for many hundreds of years. The geology of Japan provided a type of stone which consists of fine silicate particles in a clay matrix. These natural white and green whetstones are about 6000/8000/10000 Grits.
  • BOTH ARTIFICIAL STONES & NATURAL STONES ARE INCLUDED In the whetstone set, you will get 5 grades artificial stones and 3 grades natural stones. Modern synthetic stones are generally of equal quality to natural stones, and are often considered superior in sharpening performance due to consistency of particle size and control over the properties of the stones. Natural stones are often prized for their natural beauty as stones and their rarity, adding value as collectors' items.
  • COMPREHENSIVE & ECONOMICAL SHARPENING STONE SET Including 8 Pcs whetstones. Chromium Corundum Whetstone, Coarse, 240/400 Grits. Silicon carbide Whetstone, Medium, 800/1500 Grits. Cubic Boron Nitride Whetstone, Fine, 3000 Grits. Natural White Whetstone, Fine, 6000 Grits. Natural Green Whetstone, Superfine, 8000 Grits. Natural White Agate Whetstone, Superfine, 10000 Grits. Converting these names to absolute grit size is difficult as the natural stones have no inherent "grit number".
  • GRIT SIZES & THEIR USES 240 Grits - Removing chips from a damaged blade. 400 Grits - Roughly sharpening a blunt edge. 800/1500 Grits - Smoothing a rough edge into a medium edge. 3000 Grits - Smoothing a medium edge into a sharp edge for cutting meat. 6000 Grits - Further smoothing a sharp edge for cutting fish or vegetables. 8000/10000 Grits - Polishing an edge to a mirror-smooth finish.
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