AllStop Ringworm Medicine Pack - Mild Cases

AllStop Ringworm Medicine Pack - Mild Cases

Most Popular! The All Stop Ringworm Pack is the perfect solution for people with only a few small Ringworm sores. It soothes and repairs the skin, while it stops the spread of Ringworm. The long-lasting All Stop Ringworm Pack provides up to a full 12 hours of relief. Safe for use on small children and varying skin types and body parts. 

IMPORTANT:  Don't forget to disinfect your home or environment with a disinfectant specifically designed to kill fungus.  See our Hospital Grade Ready-to-Use Disinfectant.  In our research, we have found that effectively treating your environment for ringworm spores is the key to completely eradicating all 119 strains of theringworm fungus. This is why Ringworm is difficult to treat for many people and why other treatment programs usually fail. We offer powerful products to eliminate the ringworm fungus on your skin, and environmental products to eradicate Ringworm spores in your home, ON CONTACT!

•(1) 2 oz. / 59 ml Medicated Skin Cream
•(1) 2 oz. / 59 ml Healing Gel

For Mild Cases of Ringworm

This pack has a full range of actives for different skin types and locations on the body. Safe for use on small children.

Healing Gel and Medicated Skin Cream have special penetrating qualities that attack the Ringworm in the deep dermal layers of your skin while encasing and drying the Ringworm fungus. These amazing product begin working in just Seconds!


•Ringworm Product Works Fast - Penetrates Deep to Kill Fungus
•Stops the Itch within minutes - Let's you sleep at night and focus on work and family without the stress.
•Heals the Ringworm Sores - No more embarrassment from the ringworm sores
•Safe, Deep Penetrating and Strong acting - you control your own treatment based on your skin type

•Complete System - step by step instructions make it simple and easy
•Guaranteed to Work! - All Stop backs the products
•FAST Shipping - Peace of mind knowing you can get it as early as tomorrow with discrete packaging

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