The Natural, Carrageenan Water-Based Lube, Personal Lubricant with...

-26% The Natural, Carrageenan Water-Based Lube, Personal Lubricant with...

The Natural, Carrageenan Water-Based Lube, Personal Lubricant with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera - 1.7 fl oz - DreamBrands

Are you looking for a personal lubricant made with natural ingredients? Our unique formula is designed to improve your sexual encounters with your partner and to boost women's health. The Natural can help relieve vaginal dryness which can make sexual intimacy more pleasurable. It supports healthy tissues and balances pH levels. The inclusion of vitamin E and aloe supports healthy vaginal tissue while agave inulin supports healthy microflora. Healthy pH levels can be reached because of the addition of citric acid. The best ingredient in this gel is carrageenan. Without silicone, petroleum-based glycol, parabens, glycerin, and other harsh chemicals, you can be sure that The Natural is safe to use. This water-based gel feels similar to a woman's own lubrication. However, almost 50% of women have trouble producing this mucus, so personal lubricants like The Natural can be used to help relieve vaginal dryness. The Natural can help eliminate the pain and discomfort that can sometimes come with sexual intercourse. DreamBrands started as Dreamspan in 2001 with a research team to help visionaries kickstart their dreams. The company spent 5 years helping Fortune 500 companies launch products and then turned our attention to launching our own products. Our team consists of chemists, scientists, formulators, food technologists, engineers, designers, and marketers. This team of specialists has launched more than 75 products over the last 20 years. Our goal is to do good, improve what already exists, and create what doesn't. We have loved taking on the challenge to create natural, healthy products that help support and maintain health and wellness.
  • NATURAL LUBRICANT: Nearly 50% of women struggle with vaginal dryness. It's caused by a decrease in estrogen levels, which can be common in women before and after their menstrual cycle. Female lubricants will help nourish and support intimate tissue.
  • MADE FROM HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This is a water-based lube and is designed to mimic a woman's own natural lubrication. It's made from carrageenan, aloe, vitamin E, agave inulin, and citric acid to moisturize, balance pH levels, and boost tissue health.
  • LONG-LASTING: This natural water-based lube is an amazing vaginal lubricant. The Natural is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It won't dry out quickly so you can enjoy intimacy with your partner without worry or discomfort.
  • SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT: Natural lubes can make sex more comfortable and fun. The silky, smooth feeling makes intimacy more pleasurable for men and women. The Natural gel changes from gel to moisturizing lubricant when warmed up to your body temperature.
  • ABOUT US: At DreamBrands, we strive for honesty in creating high-quality products that will deliver actual results. Our conceptualizing and manufacturing is done in the US. Discreet shipping is a must with our products.
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