PottyMD Potty Monkey

PottyMD Potty Monkey

The Potty Monkey System Includes:

  • Potty Monkey
  • Flushing Toilet
  • Monkey Learns to Potty Board Book
  • The Potty Trainer Parent Book Designed by PottyMD.

This is the ultimate toy for any child learning to potty train or dealing with various potty issues. Potty Monkey has a timer, asks to use the potty, makes positive statements and sings songs when he is placed on the toy potty. The child teaches the monkey to potty while the monkey helps to potty train the child. Includes plush monkey, flushing toilet and Monkey Learns to Potty children's board book and The Potty Trainer parent's book. Sounding flushing toilet. 30 and 90 minute timer in Potty Monkey reminds children to use the potty.

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