SLR 5pc 20 Inch LED Strips Grow Light, Full Spectrum, for Indoor P...

SLR 5pc 20 Inch LED Strips Grow Light, Full Spectrum, for Indoor P...

SLR 5pc 20 Inch LED Strips Grow Light, Full Spectrum, for Indoor Plants, Desk Plant, Gardens, Greenhouses, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers for Hydroponics and Horticulture [Full Kit w/Plug]

Grow Faster
Grow faster with proper LEDs
SLR Lighting Grow Strips use only PAR LED Technology that have carefully tuned colored LEDs for producing an ideal artificial sunlight to promote healthy indoor hydroponic plant growth
Far-Red LEDs: Provide wavelengths that work specifically to achieve photosynthesis, flowering, and fruiting regulation in plants.
Blue LEDs: Advocate plant chloroplast formation and seedling growth regulation, giving your plants greater energy for faster growth.

Grow More
Five 20 inch grow strips gives you the capability to grow up to 400 sq. in. of plants, flowers, herbs, or vegetables with adequate lighting coverage.
Achieve greater yields with your plants, flowers, or herbs by having the perfect lighting available for whatever season and temperature your plant needs to thrive.

Grow Anywhere
Installs Anywhere. With the flexible and expandable strip design, you can truly grow anywhere, and stick on any surface with SLR Lighting's Extra Strength Strip Adhesive.

Promote Growth
Grow Stronger and Healthier Plants with artificial sunlight, consisting of 300 LEDs to create Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) for Your Plants. Day or Night. All Year Long.

Simple Installation
Mounts in seconds with your choice of installation setup: with zip ties, wall mount brackets including screws, or the extra strength strip adhesive that sticks to any surface.

What's Included
The kit includes 5 grow strips with adhesive backing, inline power switch, 40 inch extension, power plug, surface preparation pad, zip ties, and mounting bracket screws for hanging options.

  • Wavelengths: UV and IR
  • Strip Count: 5 Strips
  • Length: 20 Inches
  • Thickness: 0.5 Inches
  • Coverage: 8 Square Feet
  • 300 LEDs: Blue and Far-Red
  • Warranty: 1 Year

    • GROW FASTER: From seeds to maturity, grow faster with broader lighting consisting of 8 square feet. 250 red LEDs combined with 50 blue ones provide the most full spectrum of light to fuel indoor plants growth.
    • GROW MORE: Have a greater yield with 300 LEDs for a range of nanometer wavelengths for growth
    • GROW ANYWHERE: Grow plants in your home, indoors, dorms, gardens, greenhouses, drawers, closets
    • PROMOTE GROWTH: Stimulate photosynthesis levels for healthier plants, flowers, and/or herbs
    • GROW KIT: Includes 5x 20"waterproof LED strips, power adapter, zip ties, adhesive tape, and mounting screws
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    • Brand: SLR Lighting
    • Product Code: 900-00464-BIRPA3A
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