Roleadro 2000W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Gr...

Out Of Stock Roleadro 2000W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Gr...

Roleadro 2000W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Greenhouse, Seedlings, 2000W, 2000W

Welcome to Galaxyhydro 2000W LED grow lighting, with optimal spectrum layout, professional spectrum ratio, high efficacy cooling fans & upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks, is perfect for all kinds of indoor plants Veg & flower at all growth stages.

Why choose our 2000W LED grow light?

--2000W spectrum has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing. With this light, you will see an increase in quality by growing bigger flowers that are dense and completely coated in resin.

--Utilizes 200pcs 10w Epileds Chips which means better light intensity and stronger penetration. 

--UL approved three cooling fan plus Sunflower radiator system provide better heat dissipation, lower noise and won’t generate any heat build-up, even on18/6 schedule,run 70% cooler than (HID) lights. Our cooling system helps extend the light’s lifespan.

--Upgraded optimal-spectrum LEDs contain the most necessary light that plants need for optimum growth by professional spectrum layout. This is a great solution for indoor growing.

--Equipped with Zener which functions as a capacitor and ensures that the light will keep working even if some of the LEDs fail to work.

--One on/off switch, two plugs, easy and convenient to use.

What you get from this plant light?

1.Higher actual power, more higher than CFL, HPS/MH, & other LED light

2.You can actually feel the warmth of the light on your skin cause there is a good amount of IR wavelengths omitted from this light

3.Your plants will responded to this light when you hang it up for couple days

4.You can get a larger effective illumination area for your tent

5.Strong practicality with lower price, value for money

Product info:

Leds: 200pcs*10w epileds chips

Warranty & lifespan: 2 years warranty & 50, 000 hours life span

Certification: CE, FCC, & rohs

View angle of LEDs: 90° & 120° mixed

Voltage: Ac85 - 265V

Avg. Power draw: 350w

Current: 630Ma

Working temperature: -4 - 104 ℉

Working frequency: 50-60Hz

Recommended height: 11.8”- 78.7”effective illumination area: one panel about 21.5 sq.Ft - 44sq.Ft

  • The Galaxy hydro Series 2000W LED grow light is comprised of 200pcs high powered 10 watt light emitting diodes featuring a proprietary intensified Spectrum designed for plants growing and flowering large yields. Your Galaxy hydro grow lamp will cultivate record breaking yields, both in Quantity and quality.
  • 2 Big high speed cooling fans and upgraded Aluminum heated sinks makes this plant light superior. While running, it's quieter, cooler, and more efficiently than any other grow lights. Efficient cooling systems make your plant grow lights durable to use. Service lifespan up to 50000hrs.
  • All Kinds of Indoor Plants Will be Happy in all Growth Stage at Any Time and Any Where! The secret is our grow light extracted the most useful Blue Red IR UV and white light spectrum from natural sunlight to help plants perform photosynthesis better. Different from other full spectrum grow lights, we added more RED light to ensure the yield will be increase up to 30%-50%. Roleadro Grow lights is an infrared grow light that is great for indoor plants.
  • Daisy-chain connection is available. Two or more light can be connected together with the standard included power cord. Perfect for a 3x3' growing area at 24'' Height (Max coverage 4x4')
  • 2 Year and 30 day return service policy to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our products. Any problem, please feel free to Contact us by e-mail.
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