Rishiri Kombu Hair Color Treatment 200g Dark Brown

Rishiri Kombu Hair Color Treatment 200g Dark Brown
Rishiri konbu contains abundant minerals and iodine that promotes the generation of protein that is vital to your hair and skin. The unique component "fucoidan" in Rishiri konbu softens and maintains balance of your scalp and skin. It is advisable to take care of our skin and scalp by paying attention to the safety and ingredients of the products we use. Currently, products that describe 'seaweed essence' or 'brown algae essence' as their ingredients often use imported seaweeds and are blended, and do not identify from where the seaweed was extracted and doe snot verify the consistency of its composition. Rishiri series combine natural Rishiri sea kelp (Konbu) exclusively. Rishiri products are developed by combining high-quality sea kelp extract with no additives. Rishiri hair color is made with all natural extracts from organic herbs and Rishiri Sea Kelp Extract from the Northern islands of Hokkaido in Japan. Rishiri hair color is the best solution for covering gray hair without causing any damage, and provides natural moisture from the extracts of Japanese Sea Kelps. No pain, burning or itching because it is free of chemicals and additives. There is no chemical odor either. Rishiri hair color makes your hair look younger immediately. The application is very simple: Just apply it to your shampooed hair and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Individual results may vary, so check every 5 minutes to get the desired effect. Your hair will look even healthier after the coloring treatment. Great for men and women. Rishiri Color Treatment can be used as often as you like, even on a daily basis.
  • All of the Rishiri products are non additive. made in Japan
  • Natural Hair color dye. Natural Gray Hair Color Treatment without any additives, chemicals, or odors. Cover your gray hair without causing any damage. Rishiri Hair Products only use natural and organic extracts, and is made from sea kelp extracts from the Northern island of Hokkaido in Japan.
  • There is absolutely no pain, itching, or burning. It's all natural and organic, and it feels great on your skin. Simple to use, and easy to maintain.
  • Unlike other hair color products, Rishiri will not damage your scalp or your hair. Great for people with sensitive skin and allergies to chemical hair dyes. Rishiri is gentle on your skin and will even improve your hair texture.
  • Voted #1 in Japan for the "Best Hair Color and Manicure Product" 2 years in a row for 2011 and 2012
  • Voted: 2479
  • Brand: Pyuru
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