Rishiri Hair Color Shampoo Black 6.7fl Oz

Rishiri Hair Color Shampoo Black 6.7fl Oz

Rishiri Hair Color Shampoo (Black) 6.7fl Oz

Individual results may vary. For some, it may take weeks before you see results. For some type of hair, the coloring effect may be more subtle. The color shampoo is the most effective when used in combination with Rishiri Hair Color Treatment and followed by the Rishiri color shampoo to maintain the hair color. Using this shampoo alone may not achieve the coloring results for some individuals. It keeps the hair color from Rishiri Color Treatment and dyes your hair a little every time you apply.
  • Natural Hair color dye shampoo 6.7fl oz and color conditioner set
  • It dyes your hair a little at a time every time you apply.
  • Great for people with sensitive skin and allergies to chemical hair dyes.
  • Rishiri is gentle on your skin and will even improve your hair texture.
  • Made in Japan
  • Voted: 3569
  • Brand: Sastty
  • Product Code: B00JVH2TMK
  • Availability: In Stock
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