reVive Acne Treatment LED Blue Light Therapy Spot Treatment

reVive Acne Treatment LED Blue Light Therapy Spot Treatment

FSA Approved

Say goodbye to acne. Our medical grade blue lights kill acne-causing bacteria fast—see results within days! 100% of users participating in a clinical study experienced significant reduction in acne using light therapy.

The reVive Spot Treatment blue light handheld is an introductory device for those new to LED light therapy for acne treatment. Like all our LED blue light therapy devices, the Spot is FDA-Cleared and created to be a gentle, noninvasive way to treat existing acne flare-ups and preventing future breakouts. Because of its unique portable design, Spot users can maximize their experience by taking it on-the-go. Spot is both battery-operated and USB-powered, and is equipped with an auto shut-off feature (each treatment time lasts three minutes). Unlike traditional skin care routines, Spot can be used multiple times a day to accelerate results.

  • FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device
  • Customers have seen results within days of using our blue acne LED lights
  • Powerful, medical grade, acne treatment LED lights help to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and soothe inflammation
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria, clears existing breakouts, prevents acne flare-ups
  • Safe, natural solution with no negative side effects
  • Safe for all skin and tones and types, including sensitive skin
  • USB-powered
  • Includes: Handheld device, Six month warranty, Instruction manual
  • $33.99



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