Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium Garage Door Insulation Kit

Out Of Stock Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium Garage Door Insulation Kit
Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium Garage Door Kit includes everything needed for installation and features (8) pre-cut panels. This insulation is the only non-laminated reflective barrier available on the market today and is light, strong and able to withstand the most aggressive environmental conditions. This ensures the insulation maintains peak performance throughout the life of the product. Silvertanium meets all ASTM standards and complies with the International Building Code. The kit features REACH Stick'ems, a set of adhesive fasteners that are 1/8-inch thick and are high-density, open-cell polyurethane foam which has longer-lasting acrylic adhesive on both sides. The adhesive’s bond gets stronger as the garage door gets hotter and conforms to many surfaces. Each Kit includes (8) 24-inch by 48-inch pre-cut panels and (48) 1-inch square adhesive fasteners. Reach Barrier's reflective insulation products are one of the most versatile and energy efficient insulation products available. Radiant (reflective) barriers are installed in attics, walls, roof decking, and flooring. Most newly constructed homes contain radiant barrier insulation because of the proven effectiveness to decrease energy usage and cost by reducing summer heat gain and winter heat loss. Installing a radiant barrier may be the lowest-cost improvement that can produce the greatest overall reduction in energy usage and expense.
  • 50-Percent lighter and thinner than other barriers
  • 4-times the tear resistance of competing brands and coated with a protective coating
  • Blocks up to 95-Percent of radiant heat by slowing the movement of convection and conductive heats
  • Keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • 100-Percent recyclable and made in America
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