ProKold Elite Ice Wrap Cooler Bag Large

ProKold Elite Ice Wrap Cooler Bag Large
Perhaps you and your team have old injuries that are easily aggravated during a game or practice and you need to have immediate access to some kind of therapy that can be taken along with you for instant relief.
The Large Insulated Ice Wrap Cooler Bag by Elite Kold will hold your Kold Collars and Vest Inserts, as well as other Kold compress inserts, keeping them frozen for up to 24 hours. Put a hot cold therapy pack in there in case of injury and be prepared.
The bag is doubly insulated to assure maximum retention of temperature, whether for a cold therapy pack or a microwave hot pack if you prefer that sort of treatment. It has two side straps to make it easy to lift and carry around, hauling it along on the road to out of town games, as well as down the block to your local practice field. The inside can be accessed via a zipper closure on top.
Keep your hot cold therapy pack, your Collars and Vest Inserts, and any other cold compresses frozen without worrying about a water mess as they start to defrost with the cooler bag, taking advantage of the 24-hour time period allotted.
Dimensions: 18" long x 10" wide and 14" deep

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