PetsBestRx Skin Care Combo

PetsBestRx Skin Care Combo

Pets'BestRx Skin Care Combo

BEST BUY! Skin Care Combo - the ultimate skin care system for your pet and is effective on the WORST CASES of Dermatitis and Skin Irritations.

(1) 2 oz. / 59 ml Healing & Protection Spray
(1) 2 oz. / 59 Sulfinex Cream
(1) 16 oz. / 473 ml Medicated Pet Wash

Specially formulated for sensitive skin and relieves the itching immediately.

The Sulfinex Cream is non-staining and pleasant smelling, and only needs to be used once a day. It's a topical skin treatment designed to provide immediate relief from fungal infections, Mange Mites and other pet skin parasites. Sulfinex tackles pet skin conditions in every direction! The pleasant-smelling cream is safe to use on a variety of pet skin conditions.

The Medicated Pet Wash was uniquely formulated containing the emollients and conditioners necessary to repair and soften your animal's skin damaged by bacterial infections, rashes, insect bites, parasites, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Alopecia, Staph Infections, scrapes and scratches and even serious wounds.

The Pets'BestRx Healing & Protection Spray was formulated by scientists to provide a powerful antiviral and antibacterial spray that creates a barrier to protect the skin and coat against infections and Ringworm. Formulated for milder skin infections or sores and safe to use on all animals including birds and reptiles.

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